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Lazy Fest

Title: Lazy Fest
Author: berryblue_girl
Rating: G
Genre/Warnings: Derek/Spencer slash
Summary: At first, it was just a whimpering noise.
Disclaimer: I don't own the show or the doves, and ain't that sad?
Author's Note: In response to
[info]comment_fic prompt: Criminal Minds, Morgan/Reid, Lazy Fest  Enjoy!

At first, it was just a whimpering noise.  It moved from one side of the bed to the other.  Spencer, knowing the source of the noise, sleepily nudged Derek with hit foot, whose only reply was to nudge back with a soft grumble.  The whimpering ceased for a moment before a great scratching sounded at the door, compounded with louder whimpering.  Derek let out a loud groan and shouted, "Clooney!  Knock it off!" 

"He wants out, Derek," Spencer yawned, rolling on his back and stretching out his limbs.  "He needs to take care of his business."

He looked over at his lover just in time to see him childishly bury his head under his pillow, his words "You let him out!" slightly muffled.  Spencer snorted and reached over to hit Derek's pillow, groaning, "It's your dog, not mine!"

Spencer smirked as he felt the bed shift as Derek dragged himself out from under the covers.  He heard Clooney scrambling around Derek, who grumbled, "Get down, Clooney!  No jumping!"

Spencer reburied himself under the warm covers and tried to block out Derek and Clooney's noisy activities.  Then, just as he was about to drift back into full REM sleep, the covers were yanked away from his body.  He whined, sitting up and glaring at the end of the bed.  Derek stood there, clad in only his boxers, and grumbled, "Get up."

Spencer laid back down and curled into a ball, mumbling, "I will do no such thing.  Not put the covers back on the bed."

"No, Spence," Derek yawned.  "This is the first time we've been home on a weekend in three weeks.  We have to do spring cleaning!"

"No-oo-oo-o!" Spencer replied, whining ever so slightly, "we need to be lazy and self-indulgent."

It took a moment before Derek asked halfheartedly, "But what about the house work?"

Spencer smirked a little as he sat up and crawled his way down to the edge of the bed.  Placing his hands on Derek's shoulders, he licked a stripe up the dark neck, ending it with a small bite underneath Derek's ear, something he knew drove the older man wild.  He then brushed his lips against the outer shell of Derek's ear, murmuring, "It can wait."

As if on cue, Derek's hands moved to grip his narrow hips and drag him closer.  Spencer gave him another playful nip and Derek growled, "Ahh...hate it when you do that.  Makes me feel like I'm agreeing to anything."

Spencer didn't reply, too busy pulling Derek back in the bed for a couple rounds of morning sex.

A/N- To anyone that maybe wondering, progress on "Desire"'s sequel "Adoration" is on-going.  Bare with me and I promise, it will  be worth it!  Thanks a bunch!  And as always, reviews are appreciated!  
Tags: category: slash, fandom: criminal minds, fanfiction, pairing: derek/spencer, prompt: comment_fic, rating: g
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