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The Past | The Future


( 74 Hearts Given — Give Me Your Heart? )
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May. 1st, 2010 04:14 pm (UTC)
Spencer sighed contently as Derek massaged one of his feet. He heard Derek chuckle and ask, "That feel good, babe?"

"My feet and ankles are swollen and sore," Spencer groaned in pleasure as Derek massaged his toes. "Penelope has volunteered herself to throw my baby shower. So while you and the guys were working on the house, I was being dragged to countless baby stores while Penelope constructed this ridiculously long and very detailed wish list."

"What did you do about Twinkie and Pop Tart's clothes?" Derek asked as he ran his thumbs up and down Spencer's instep.

Spencer's eyes fluttered closed and he felt himself get hard. Biting his bottom lip, he replied, "That's the de-detailed part. All the men are assigned the boy-themed items and the women the girl-themed items. Th-there's more, but I c-can't..."

He trailed off as he felt Derek move to hover over him. He moaned as Derek trailed kisses down his jaw and neck. His skin was hyper sensitive, so every kiss, every small swipe of his tongue, even Derek's five o'clock shadow felt erotic. He pulled Derek's head back up and down for a heated kiss. Derek responded in kind, his hand gripping at Spencer's hip.

At first, he thought Derek had just accidentally poked him in the side, but then he belatedly realized it was coming from inside his stomach! He pushed at Derek's shoulder, gasping, "Get off me! Get up, get up!"

He sat up and placed his hands on his stomach, feeling carefully, while Derek asked, "Spencer, talk to me! Is everything all right?"

He found the source of the poke and grabbed at Derek's hand, pressing it on the spot. He looked at Derek with a smile and whispered, "Feel that?"

He watched Derek's face morph from one of confusion and worry to elation. His gaze shot up to Spencer's and he asked breathlessly, "Is that what I think it is?"

"They're kicking!" Spencer gushed. He felt around on his stomach and found another kicking. He guided Derek's other hand and Derek laughed, "They're cock-blocking me from the womb!"

Spencer rolled his eyes and teased, "Big baby!"

Derek pulled him closer and tried to resume what they had previously been doing, but Spencer pulled away and stood up. Derek looked like a little kid who had just had his favorite toy taken away as he asked, "? We were...you know, in the middle of something."

Spencer laughed and chided, "We can do that anytime! I want to call Penelope and tell her the good news!"


Penelope laughed as Spencer told her and JJ recent stories about him and Derek. They were sitting outside on the porch, as Derek and his little crew were busy painting inside and Spencer wasn't allowed around the fumes. She took a sip of her tea and teased, "Well, at least we know why Derek is working himself ragged!"

Spencer quirked an eyebrow. "What are you talking about? He wants the house finished by Thanksgiving so that his family can come down for a visit."

Penelope and JJ exchanged "you or me?" looks before JJ piped up, ", while I'm sure that is a factor, there are other possibilities."

"Such as?"

Penelope snorted a laugh and replied, "Sweetheart, Derek's horny, but he isn't getting any, so he has to find other ways to work out his frustration!"

Spencer's cheeks turned a light pink and he consented bashfully, "I suppose that's a reason. I just haven't been in the mood lately. We've got so much going on that my sex drive has just...disappeared."

"Bummer!" Penelope exclaimed, causing Spencer and JJ to burst into laughter. "What? ! I figured you'd be turned on 24/7 with Derek around!"

Spencer rested his hands over his stomach and Penelope smiled softly. She licked her lips and asked timidly, "Spencer, can I feel...?"

Spencer frowned for a second before catching on, saying, "Yes, of course! Give me your hand."

Penelope held out her hand and Spencer took it, laying it on his stomach and pressing lightly. She grinned as she felt a light poking beneath her fingertips. She gushed so ever gently, "Oh my goodness! That's so amazing, do you feel that all the time?"
May. 1st, 2010 04:17 pm (UTC)
She pulled back as he replied, "Off and on throughout the day and night, for that matter. Makes it hard to sleep. But...it's really something to felt."

Penelope nodded while JJ asked if she could feel as well. As Spencer guided her hand, he told them about the first time he felt them kick and had them rolling yet again.


Derek flipped through the channels with Clooney resting in his lap. Spencer had laid down for a light nap. As he got further into the pregnancy, his fatigue increased. He settled on one of their many movie channels and watched some plotless action movie. Suddenly he heard Spencer's voice cry out from the bedroom and he jumped into action.

He ran down the hall and into the bedroom, where Spencer was tossing and turning. He sat down, grabbing at Spencer's shoulders and squeezing them, saying loudly, "Spencer, wake up! It's just a dream, wake up!"

Spencer's eyes popped open and Derek pulled him into his arms. Spencer wrapped his arms around Derek's neck and sobbed, "It was dark! Someone was chasing me, but I couldn't see them! They wanted the twins! I kept calling for you, but you weren't there! Why weren't you there?"

Derek rubbed his back and shushed, "It's okay, it's okay. I'm here now, I'm always right here."

He moved Spencer so that they could lay down again, Derek pulling Spencer against his chest. As Spencer's cries faded into sleep, Derek kept stroking his back and whispering, "I'm always here for you, pretty boy. I'll never leave."

Have fun!!! And is it bad if I say that I had fun writing the details of the nightmare? Cause we soooo know what fears are going through Spencer's mind at that moment!
May. 1st, 2010 06:55 pm (UTC)
Derek perched on the ladder, installing the crown molding in the master bedroom of their new house. His back and shoulders were tight and sore, but that good kind, like after a workout session. He straddled the ladder and fit the last piece, smiling at his handy-work. The main floor was almost completely finished, except for the kitchen, which needed another full weekend of teamwork. The basement was in the process of being completely finished, which would require another weekend or two, and the second floor was just minor cosmetic touches. Right on schedule, He thought, climbing easily down the ladder, wiping the sweat from his brow and taking a drink from the water bottle he'd placed at the bottom.
It felt good to channel his excess energy into something productive when he had the time, knowing that he shouldn't be pestering Spencer for sex, and self-service just didn't cut it anymore. He was, however, determined to keep his head about him and not turn into a sex-starved grouch. So far, so good. He stepped back and admired the room, ready for the muted blue-green paint that sat in its can along the wall.
He looked at the clock on his phone and guessed that Spencer should be home by now from another one of Auntie-Penelope's shower preparation trips. He didn't know if every father-to-be felt like this, but he felt a little left out and a bit jealous that he wasn't allowed to help, or see plans for decorations or anything. He sighed and shook it off, knowing that it was nothing personal, just tradition. After all, he was the one waiting on him hand and foot, wiping away the tears and chasing away the nightmares.

He closed up the house, locked up, and headed out to the car, heading home, accomplished, sweaty and dirty.

He opened the door to what had become their apartment, Spencer's lease conveniently had ran out a month after they'd learned about the twins. Clooney greeted him excitedly and Derek took a moment to say hi before heading to the bedroom. The door was ajar and he crept inside quietly, seeing Spencer laying down in bed, not sure if he was sleeping. His head picked up slightly at the creak of the door and smiled softly.
"Hey, how'd it go?" He asked as Derek smiled, sitting at the edge of the bed to untie his boots.
"Pretty good, got the crown molding up in the bedroom, ready for paint soon." He told him, kicking off the heavy work boots and slipping out of his socks before stripping off his sweaty shirt.
"Mmm, I can't wait to see." Spencer said, as Derek scooted up the bed to lie behind him for a moment, pressing a kiss onto the round of his shoulder.
"How was this shopping spree?"
A soft grunt escaped him before he buried his face into the pillow slightly. "Garcia is wearing me out." He admitted, sighing. "Aren't showers supposed to be surprises anyway?"
"Not always." Derek said, unable to resist nuzzling the back of Spencer's exposed neck, feeling him open up a little and tilt his head forward to allow him better access. He smiled to himself and kissed at his hairline, and a bit down his spine, grazing his teeth along pale skin, received a soft moan. A spark of hope kindled inside Derek as he licked up the shell of his ear. Spencer squirmed and rolled over, draping a leg lazily over Derek's thigh, his hand cupping his stubbly cheek.
"Hi there." He said, smiling sweetly as Derek chuckled.
"Hello, yourself." Spencer's long slender fingers trailed across his jawline and down his throat to his collarbones.
Derek shivered gently and instinctively moved into his touch, something he'd been craving for months. Spencer's laugh was quiet as he inched closer, and pressed their lips together, before trailing his other hand down his bare, sculpted chest, over every hard ridge of muscle until he reached the button of his jeans, one digit running along the inside of his waistband, feeling him tense in anticipation.
"I'm sorry I've been ignoring you." He said as he popped the button and slowly lowered the zipper, eliciting a soft groan from his lover. "I wonder how I'll make it up to you." He smiled as Derek fell from his side to his back, eyes slipping closed as Spencer inched his jeans down his hips before straddling his thighs.

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May. 2nd, 2010 06:17 am (UTC)
You can hear shouting from your bedroom. Are they fighting again? You climb out of your bed and go to your parents' bedroom. When you are a couple feet away, you see your sister turn to you, her cheeks streaked with tears. She hiccups and whispers, "Be quiet, they're fighting again."

As you move to her side, feeling this overwhelming need to protect, your parents' voices become clearer.

"I should have known it would come to this! That you would leave, just like everyone else!"

"Don't try and make me the bad guy! You refuse to take care of yourself and I refuse to have a front row seat to it!"

Your sister turns away, burying her face in your neck, shaking with silent cries. As you wrap your arms around her, the bedroom door jerks open. Your dad is standing there with his travel bag, his usually happy eyes angry and scary! He squats down and puts his bag down, opening his arms. You and your sister rush into them, your sister crying, ", Daddy! Please stay with us."

He squeezes you both and whispers, "I'm not leaving you here. We're gonna go and stay at Aunt Penny's for the night. Won't that be fun?"

As he instructs you two on what to pack, you hear Mommy yell, "You're not taking my kids! Do you hear me, Derek Morgan?"

Daddy turns away, motioning for you to go to your rooms, snapping at Mommy, "I'm sure as hell not fucking leaving them with you! I'm not your father, Spencer! You will get help, whether you want it or not!

Spencer awoke with a sob on his lips. He looked over to see Derek was still sound asleep, one hand resting protectively on his swollen belly. Reaching up to hastily wipe tears away, he glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost thirty minutes before they had to get up for work. He knew he wouldn't get back to sleep in time, so he crawled out of bed, trying his damnedest not to wake Derek. He wanted to do a victory dance once he climbed out of the bed and Derek slept on.

He waddled downstairs to the kitchen and began to make Derek some coffee. He pouted a little, missing the taste of coffee, but Derek and his doctor both insisted that it was bad for the babies. So he settled for his usual V8 fruit drink while drooling over the wonderful aroma that filled the kitchen. As he stood there, he thought back on his dream. While he had been having all sorts of very vivid and very strange dreams, the bad ones were the ones that bothered him the most. He knew it was just his mind's way of working out his concerns, that didn't make them any less worrisome. The only person who knew all the details was JJ, and he made her swear not to tell Derek. He knew Derek would want to know and help him, but he didn't want to run the chance of hurting Derek in the process. He shook his head, poking inside their pantry to grab some Pop Tarts to tide him over before Derek woke up.

By the time Derek awoke, Spencer was in the living room, watching the local news and munching on his second packet of Pop Tarts. Derek gave him a sleepy kiss and yawned, "When'd you get up?"

"About thirty minutes ago," he replied. "Twinkie and Pop Tart decided to start kicking up a fury on my bladder."

Derek only nodded and mumbled something about going to make them a real breakfast. Spencer just rolled his eyes and turned back to the news.


Penelope tried to block out the gruesome details of the case on which her team was currently assigned. She was intrigued by the cute guy at the coffee shop earlier that morning but didn't want to dwell on it too much. There were more pressing matters at stake. She snapped to attention when her name was mentioned. She cleared her throat and said to Hotch, "Yes, sir?"

He replied in his usual tone, "Reid's doctor has instructed me to have him hang back because of his pregnancy. He will be working with you."

She grinned at Spencer and teased, "Come with me, Robin, to the Bat Cave!"

His jaw dropped and he admonished, "Why am I Robin?"
May. 2nd, 2010 06:22 am (UTC)
Hotch "smiled" in his own Hotch way and stated that he would grab Spencer's chair for him. Derek met the two of them at her office with a desolate look on his face. Penelope rushed to her desk, trying to appear busy and nosy while they talked. She heard Spencer say half-hearted, "You'll be back here before you know it."

"I don't like being away from you," she barely heard Derek reply. "I don't like this part at all."

She bite her lip as it trembled a little and Spencer responded wobbly, "I-it's what's best for Twinkie and Pop Tart. Y-you can call every night that you're gone and I'll put the ph-phone on speaker so you can wish them good night."

By the time that they had finished their small goodbye, Penelope had to swipe at a tear that had tumbled down her cheek. Hotch quickly brought Spencer his chair and he took it and rolled it next to her. As Spencer sat down, Penelope gave him a bright smile and said, "It will be okay, dove. You'll see."

Spencer nodded with his own smile and neither of them mentioned their glassy eyes.


Spencer frowned as he listened to Penelope and Derek's argument. He couldn't remember if he had never seen Penelope so furious before. She picked the phone up and slammed it down, ending their call, and looked at Spencer, raging, "Can you believe him? What, some guy takes an interest in me, but that isn't enough for him? He's supposed to be my best friend!"

Spencer shook his head and said quickly, "Sometimes Derek tends to put his foot in his mouth. If you really like this guy, then go for it! Don't listen to him. Although..."

"Although what?" she asked, looking almost hurt that he would reject the idea as well.

Spencer bit his lip, deciding that maybe he had read the signs between her and Emily wrong. He waved his hand and replied, "Never mind. Call him."


Spencer had just settled into bed for the night with a good book, wanting to wait up for Derek, when his phone began to ring. He glanced at the Caller ID and frowned when he saw that it was Hotch. He answered, "Hotch? Why the-"

"Reid, from Morgan?"

"No," Spencer answered timidly, alert to Hotch's tone. "H-hotch, what's wrong?"

"If you're able, we need you at the hospital. Garcia's been shot."

Haaaaave fuuuuuun! Sorry, I was on a roll and could not be stopped! I left Emily's reactions for you, 'cause I thought you might like them. *grin* But I promise, I'm going to bed after this!
May. 2nd, 2010 02:17 pm (UTC)
Emily Prentiss sat at the conference table trying to concentrate on the case, but the Queen of Compartmentalization had a few walls of her neat little boxes leaking into the common space of her brain. She sighed and thought back earlier, how Garcia had called her instead of Derek, and the thought was just a bit exciting, until she learned that it was because she and Derek were having a tiff. After extracting the full story (though, Garcia was spilling before she even finished asking what had happened), she couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy. She recalled that Garcia had met someone in a cafe that morning, and apparently Derek had expressed anything but positivity. She'd told him, as a piece of friendly advice, when a girl tells you about something like that, she wants your approval, not your opinion. She couldn't help but worry, feeling something wasn't right; not because she didn't think that Garcia could land a gorgeous man, but in how the pieces had seemed to fall in place so easily. It just seemed so convenient.
She flinched when a cup of coffee was placed in front of her, Derek sitting beside her heavily. "You look about as shitty as I feel." He sighed, leaning on the table to eye the war wall. "What a pair we make, huh?"
She took the coffee and took a grateful sip, shrugging.
"You okay?" He asked as she smiled, and nodded.

Emily sighed as she shoved the Unsub into the car, caught before he could harm his latest victim, who was being herded into an Ambulance by JJ. Exhaustion was starting to take its toll and she nodded and shook an officer's hand, transferring him to his custody.
Within an hour they were packed up and on the jet and she was curled up in a seat by herself until Derek flopped down opposite her and rested his feet on the edge of her seat. She curled up, headphones plugged in, blocking out the world with Matson Jones' Into My Arms, nodding off until Hotch's presence loomed over them and it was enough to tear her from sleep and shook Morgan's foot.
"Sir?" She said, pulling out her headphones, Morgan doing the same, rubbing a bit of sleep from his eyes.
"Garcia's been shot." Was all he said as slowly the scene sank back in, and Emily could see JJ on the phone, talking rapidly, Rossi making a call as well.
"What?" Morgan demanded as Emily tried to focus.
"I need you two to go to her apartment, see if you can see anything the police are missing, fill in the blanks."
"Yes, sir." Emily said, robotic, shutting off her iPod, and shoving it into her pocket.
"We'll be landing in twenty minutes." Hotch told them before picking up his ringing cell.
Derek's hands were balled into fists, shaking his head rapidly. "That fucking guy, I knew something was wrong." He said as Emily pushed back her hair and tried to keep calm.


Spencer took a cab to the hospital, packing his messenger bag full of snacks and books to try and keep sane in the waiting room. Already he was starting to panic. He picked up his cell and dialed Derek, still in the back of the cab. After four rings, he picked up.
"Derek, it's me--are you okay?"
"Yeah, look I can't talk, I'm on my way to Garcia's."
"Okay, I'm going to the hospital, I'll let you know when I know something."
Spencer couldn't help but feel distant and removed from Derek, and fought back frightened tears.
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May. 3rd, 2010 09:01 am (UTC)
Spencer rolled his eyes at Penelope's silly suggestion, knowing she was merely deflecting from her fears with humor. He dragged her very comfortable-looking computer chair from her desk in the corner and ordered, "Climb into bed. You need to rest and let that wound settle."

She frowned as he set up shop next to her bed and propped his feet up on the end of her bed. She worried her bottom lip and protested, "I know the bed is small, but maybe-"

"Penelope, you don't want me in the bed with you right now," he explained with a smile. "The twins are kicking and that makes me toss and turn. I don't wait to run the risk of hitting your side. You and your injury are what's important."

She blushed and finally climbed under her covers, muttering, "I hate causing such a fuss."

He reached over to take her hand and dismissed softly, "Nonsense. You did the same for Derek and for me when I needed it. We all look after each other when the occasion arises. Now it's your turn to be taken care of."

She squeezed his hand tight and he saw a tear or two slide down her cheeks. He pulled her hand up and gave the back of it a light kiss. An idea hit him and he sat her hand back down on the bed, murmuring, "Hold on a second."

He shrugged his messenger bag onto his shoulder and headed back to the living room. Derek and Emily were busy playing a game of cards. Derek turned to him and admonished, "Spencer, go back-"

"I am not five years old, Derek Morgan," he replied shortly. He moved to Emily's side of the couch and, nudging her with his messenger bag, said, "I thought Penelope might want your company a little more than mine."

Emily actually gave him a grateful smile before standing and moving rather quickly toward Penelope's bedroom. As he sat down, he saw the wounded/annoyed look Derek flashed him. He sighed and said, "I apologize for my shortness. But I am still capable of staying up past my bedtime...especially if the occasion calls for it."

He sat his messenger bag on the cushion between them and pulled out a legal pad, a pen, and his gun. He began writing down all the details of the case thus far, from straight facts to what Penelope remembered. He figured the man had to be familiar with legal terminology, but the story he feed Penelope was full of holes. But the most important detail was still eluding him: Why Penelope? What was it about her that made their unsub target her? Before he could contemplate that question further, he was jerking from his thoughts by two loud gunshots. Derek jumped into action and hissed at him to get behind the couch. Spencer yelled at Emily to protect Penelope while he ran for cover behind the couch. He listened to Derek exchange with who he guess was the unsub. After the gunshots stopped, Derek yelled for him to call 911.

Before he did, he rushed to Penelope's room, where the blond was shaking and crying into Emily's neck. Spencer sat down on the end of the bed and said softly, "Once you calm her down, help her pack some clothes. She's coming to stay at our house."

Emily nodded and rubbed Penelope's back gently. Spencer went back into the living room to call the police.


Derek reluctantly left with Emily the next morning for Quantico. Spencer had finally consented to go to bed after Penelope was settled in the guest room. He was so exhausted that he didn't even stir when Derek kissed his forehead goodbye before he left. Derek and Emily quickly got through security and found the BAU bullpen in chaos. There were several unfamiliar people milling around with a couple emerging from Penelope's office. Derek went to Hotch's office and snapped, "Hotch, what the hell is going on here?"

"We've been ordered to cease our involvement in Garcia's case," he replied, his voice tight with anger. "There was an encrypted file on her computer and until Internal Affairs figures out what was on that file, she is suspended."

Derek felt rage boil throughout his body and he snapped, "She was almost killed and yet she's the one on trail! This is bullshit, Hotch!"
May. 3rd, 2010 09:04 am (UTC)
Hotch stood and circled his desk, replying in kind, "Which is why we will go to DC police and see if we can find anything out, consequences be damned. Morgan, you're with me. Prentiss, go back to Morgan and Reid's house, wait for Garcia to wake up and try to figure out what was on that file!"


Emily sighed as she re-entered Derek and Spencer's house. She headed to the kitchen to down another cup of coffee. Her guts twisted with guilt and anger at the conversation she had to have with Penelope. She didn't need to deal with this shit, but her whole livelihood was at stake. Surprisingly, it took Penelope only an hour and a half after Emily arrived to wake up. She fixed Emily with a sleepy and confused look and yawned, "Whaa-aahhh-aat are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the BAU?"

Emily steeled herself and patted the spot next to her, replying grimly, "We have to talk, Garcia."

Have fun, doll! I would have done the convo between the gals before decided to show up. So they're all yours. We're playing the storyline of what happened to Penelope by ear now. Things are craaaazzy! If you need help remembering details, go to tv.com and look up Criminal Minds. They offer full recaps on every episode. It's really helpful!
May. 3rd, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
Emily twisted her hands in her lap, uncharacteristically nervous as Garcia sat gingerly.
"What's wrong?"
"The encrypted files on your system. We need to know what's on them."
"What? Why does that matter?"
"You know why it matters, Garcia." She said flatly, exhaustion taking its toll. "The bureau has suspended you, & is digging through all of your files. I need to know that there is nothing on there that is incriminating, or suspect."
"It's not!"
"Does it connect you to this Baylor guy?"
"No." She sighed, shaking her head. "After...after all that happened, when I got hacked, I just....It didn't sit right with me that your personal information was so unprotected."
"So, it's just that?" She asked, rubbing at her temples. "Garcia...I need to know everything you do when you're not working on a case."
"I...I volunteer? For a support group for families of victims of violent crime."
"What about when you're on the clock?"
"I...work." She shook her head in disbelief as Emily shook her head.
"Someone targeted you, Penelope, you had to have done something." She snapped, causing the blonde to flinch, and immediately she felt ill.
Garcia's lower lip quivered a little as she balled her hands into fists. "The families...they know what I do, so some of them ask me to look into their cases, and I do. I...I know I'm not supposed to, but, I just flag the files, so, you know, the police know the FBI is watching. Just a little motivation you know?"
Emily stared at her & hung her head in her hands after a moment, cursing quietly. "We need those files, & they are currently being torn apart by Internal Affairs." She got up & paced a few steps. "Can you get in?"
"Of course..." She wiped her cheeks hastily and got up slowly. "That's like...child's play." She said, trying to be upbeat. "My laptop is upstairs." She said, as Emily nodded & picked up her cell, dialing Derek to fill him in.

Penelope took the stairs slowly, trying to ignore the pain in her torso, & saw Spencer at the top of the stairs, rubbing his eyes sleepily.
"Hello, lovely." She cooed, making her way up to meet him.
"What are you doing up and about?" He asked, frowning, touching her arm as she hit the landing.
"Come, watch me work my magic." She sighed as his brows pinched in confusion and she headed to the guest-room to grab her macbook and charger. "I...tagged some files for victim's families...Emily thinks it's connected to..." She touched her side, not wanting to say it.

They wandered downstairs & set up on the comfy couch, Emily nursing a fresh cup of coffee anxiously. Morgan was keeping the IA supervisor busy while Garcia hacked into her own system.
Spencer sat by her, sipping herbal tea & eating a twinkie.
"What?" She huffed, as Spencer and Emily stared. "He's trying to back-hack me."
"Will it work? Does that mean you can't get in?" Spencer asked as Garcia rolled her eyes.
"Do not underestimate me, just a setback." She said, her fingers clattering on the keys rapidly & laughed. "Success. It's in your inbox, dove."

After printing & reading the files, Prentiss shook her head. "I have the same first responder on three of the drive-bys, with the initials JCB." She said, tense, & on edge. "Jason Clark Battle." She said as Garcia pulled up his file, going paler.
"T-that's him." She whispered as Spencer took the laptop from her, reading the file.
"It must be...an angel of death scenario. A hero complex gone wrong."
"I'm calling Morgan." Emily said, quietly, flipping open her cell.
It was just then that Kevin Lynch, the mysterious back-hacker, opened a mirror of Penelope's laptop, seeing the files and connected the dots immediately. He got up quickly & went to inform her superiors, but was stopped in the bullpen to assist Fuchs with some files, & found himself eye-to-eye with Battle himself. He sat down at the terminal & thought quickly, sending Garcia a coded message to accept his transmission.

Spencer frowned as something popped up, Garcia taking it back. "That little twit..." She sighed, shaking her head. "He's trying to access me to transfer a connection."
"It could be a trap." Emily said, arms crossed.
"If he's a true hacker...we have a code..." She sighed as Spencer leaned against her shoulder.
"Trust your gut."
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May. 4th, 2010 05:45 pm (UTC)
JJ smiled as she jotted down what Rossi was bringing, saying, "It will be nice to have everyone around for something besides work. Your dish sounds really good."

"Thank you," he replied good-naturally. "I'm Italian, so cooking comes natural by me."

JJ laughed and said goodbye before ending the call. She looked over to Spencer, who was looking through what appeared to be an old scrapbook. She cleared her throat and said, "Rossi said he would bring over ice and this really tasty-sounding casserole. What's that?"

Spencer looked up and smiled, replying, "This is my mother's cookbook. She filled it with her favorite recipes. I'm looking for a couple of good pie recipes."

JJ giggled and asked, "You can cook?"

Spencer arched his eyebrow and chided, "Who said I couldn't? We're just on the go so much, that take-out and microwavable meals are easier. Have you heard from Emily and Penelope?"

"No," JJ sighed, checking her phone again. "Emily's last text message was half an hour ago. They finally finished gathering ingredients for their dishes, now they're gathering dishes and utensils."

Spencer stretched his feet out on the coffee table and one of his hands moved to caress his stomach. JJ couldn't help feeling envious of him. He had a beautiful house, a lovely boyfriend, and two kids on the way. It was the life she hoped that she and Will could have one day. There was something about Will that made her hopeful for her dream to come true. JJ shook her head slightly and asked Spencer, "Where's Derek?"

"He went out to get pick some cooking supplies," he replied, "just to kill time before he has to pick his mother and sisters up from the airport."

"And do they know...about...?" JJ motioned to Spencer's stomach and he shook his head, replying, "That's why he wanted them to come down a couple days early, so he could break the news to them without the Thanksgiving craziness."


"Here you are, sir. I'm sure your partner will be most pleased."

Derek grinned and took the small velvet box. He thanked the sales clerk and exited the small store. He couldn't help the small skip he had in his step as he walked back to his SUV. He knew this might be a little backwards, but he didn't care. He wanted to exchange rings with Spencer, for all everyone to know that they were taken.

He started his SUV and checked the clock, guessing that his mom and sisters' plane would be landing soon. He drove to the airport, tucking the box in his jacket pocket. Thirty minutes later, their plane had landed and he grinned when he saw them milling in the giant airport. He cupped his hands and yelled happily, "Momma! Sarah! Desi!"

They looked in his direction and his mom's face split into a huge smile and she rushed as fast as she could toward him. He scooped her up once she got close enough and she gushed, "Oh, my boy! I've missed you so much, it's so good to see you!"

He exchanged hugs with his sisters as well, Sarah commenting, "You look really happy, Derek! You finally settle down? Are we gonna meet her?"

Derek felt his smile falter a little, but he just replied, "I'll explain everything when we get to the house."


May. 4th, 2010 05:47 pm (UTC)
Spencer had fallen asleep on the couch as soon as JJ left. All of the Thanksgiving planning was running him a little ragged. Two weeks before, his doctor had told him to go on maternity leave, as his stress and fatigue levels were too high. Even though he had been less tired since he started his leave, he was still stressed about Derek's family. He didn't know what their reactions would be, although he hoped for the best.

He felt someone shake his shoulder and opened his eyes slowly, revealing Derek. Spencer sat up a little too fast and saw his family, looking shocked to say the least. His mother put her hand on her chest and asked quietly, "Derek, how could you keep a secret like this?"

Derek remained standing, and Spencer reached to take one of his hands, squeezing it as Derek replied nervously, "I-i didn't know how you would react. Every time I could up the courage-"

"The courage?" she repeated, hurt clear in her voice. "How did you think I would react? That I would disown you!"

Spencer saw Sarah wrap her arm around her mother's shoulders and add, "Derek, we're your family. We will love you no matter what. This hurts that you seemed to doubt that."

Spencer looked up at Derek to see him looking down, his eyes closed, a single tear sliding down his cheek. Spencer decided to break the silence by standing and piping up, "Why don't I show you all where you'll be sleeping? You could freshen up and maybe take a nap?"

The Morgan women nodded and Spencer moved to take Francis's arm, giving her a small smile. The older woman tried to return it but instead just replied tiredly, "That would be nice, dear. Thank you."

Have fun! Hope I gave you food for angst...I mean, thought. *grin*
May. 4th, 2010 08:05 pm (UTC)
Spencer took the stairs slowly with Mrs. Morgan, who sighed softly.
"I knew something was wrong with Derek." She said, then tensed. "No, not wrong." She looked a little embarrassed and shook her head, putting her hand over his. "I just knew he was afraid to tell me something." She shook her head again. "But, it's just so foolish to push Derek, he just closes up." They paused at the landing and she looked around at the still bare walls.
"Mrs. Morgan...I know this must be difficult, but, I need you to know how much I love and care for your son."
She smiled sadly and nodded, squeezing his hand. "Dr. Reid, I know that, I do, I knew it when I first met you. I am not upset, with you or Derek, just a little hurt that he didn't tell me. I can't help thinking that I did something to make him afraid that I wouldn't approve."
Spencer's heart did a little flip-flop as he smiled. "Please, Spencer." He corrected her and lead her down the hall, past the library and the master bedroom. "I think...Derek was more worried about living up to your expectations, and showing you that he was ready for this." He smiled and she looked down at his rounded belly. "When he found out, everything fell into place, you know? He wanted everything to be perfect when he told you. He just wanted everything to be right, perhaps to show you how well you raised him. He wanted everything to be perfect for them, our situation, this house. He spent every spare moment he had making it perfect for them." He looked down at his belly too and smiled.
Mrs. Morgan blinked away tears and nodded. "My goodness." She said after a moment. "How did this happen?" She asked, placing her hands on his belly.
"You know, I don't know, and I've really been focusing on not questioning it, just thanking whatever for this miracle." He laughed as she echoed him. "Would you like to see their rooms?"

Derek stormed into the kitchen, feeling like a fool, and grabbed a beer, his sisters trailing after him.
"Derek!" Sarah snapped finally, causing him to turn around quickly, slamming the beer bottle down on the counter, foam and beer exploding and oozing out the top.
"You're having a baby!" Desiree said, smiling and hugging him, hanging on to him. He let out a sigh and relaxed a little, resting his cheek against the top of her head, meeting Sarah's eyes.
"Twins." He said, finally as Sarah smiled and came closer, squeezing his arm.
"You should have told us sooner." She said as he nodded.
"I know." He whispered as she hugged the both of them.
"Momma will be okay, Derek, just give her some time to absorb."
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May. 5th, 2010 09:22 am (UTC)
Spencer pouted as he was ushered out of the kitchen. Derek gave him a peck on the cheek and said cheerfully, "You need to relax, pretty boy. Your pies are cooked as we speak. Besides, one less body in there, the better."

Spencer nodded and headed to the living room, where Hotch and Rossi were engaged in a heated debate over two football teams. Just as he had sat down, the door bell rang yet again, the guests still trickling in. He stood up and made his way to the door, ready to play the perfect host. His face broke out into a wide grin when he saw Ethan standing there with two bags of ice and a grocery bag.

"Ethan!" Spencer enthused, ushering his friend inside. "You're here! I-i...I can't believe you're here!"

Ethan grinned and replied, "You can thank your boyfriend for that. He found my number in your phone and called me up. We talked for a bit, and after all was said and done, he invited me down here."

Spencer looked at the small bag and asked, "What's that?"

Ethan held it out to him and teased, "See for yourself."

Spencer took the bag and had to control the squeal that almost erupted from his lips. He gave Ethan a one-armed hug. "Canned cranberry sauce, you remembered!"

"Of course," Ethan answered as Spencer led him back to the kitchen, "that was the only thing you would eat with your turkey and dressing."

The Morgans all turned in the direction of the doorway when Spencer announced, "Ethan's here! And he brought me canned cranberry sauce!"

Spencer busied himself with putting it in the refrigerator to chill while Derek commented, "Spencer, homemade is so much better."

Spencer scoffed. "Says you, but I like my canned sauce just fine, thank you."

He closed the refrigerator door and moved to Derek's side, giving him a short yet passionate kiss. Derek looked slightly bashful when he pulled away, probably because his mother and sisters were in the room, but Spencer didn't notice. He just smiled happily and murmured, "Thank you for inviting him. It means a lot to me."

Derek kissed the end of Spencer's nose and replied, "Of course I would invite him. He's your oldest friend, he deserved to be here."

Derek pulled back some and told Ethan, "Just stick those bags in the freezer, and thanks! Can never have enough ice."


Ethan followed Spencer outside to the porch, both of them armed with iced tea. They sat down in two rocking chairs and Ethan remarked, "You know, Spencer, pregnancy agrees with you."

Spencer arched an eyebrow and echoed, "Agrees with me?"

"Yeah," Ethan answered, nodding his head. "You don't look like a beanpole for once in your life. You actually look healthy."

Spencer snorted. "I look like a beached whale. to have these two so I can get back somewhat to my old figure."

Ethan smiled as he watched his young friend massage his bulging stomach and asked, "Do you know the sexes yet?"

"No," Spencer giggled, "and that fact is driving Derek crazy. He's like a little kid trying to find out what his Christmas presents are."

"Do you have names picked out?"

Spencer continued stroking his stomach as he replied, "If it's two boys, we want to name them Tyler Daniel and Christopher Samuel. And if it's two girls, we want to name them Vivian Diane and Lydia Francis."

Ethan smiled and asked, "And what if it's a boy and a girl?"

Spencer took a sip of tea, then responded, "Tyler Daniel and Vivian Diane. Those were our favorites."

Ethan nodded and complemented him on the beautiful names. They sat in silence for a while, simply listening to the background noises of people talking and laughing and nature's quiet hum. But after a moment, Ethan thought of another question and asked, "Hey, Spencer. Does your mom know about...you know, all this?"

Spencer nodded and replied softly, "She told me that I owed her a nice long visit once I had the twins. I still send her letters but now I make sure to include every tiny detail about the twins' development. We're even tentatively trying to see if she could come to DC for a week or so after the twins are born. I want her to see the house so much, besides in the pictures I've sent."
May. 5th, 2010 09:25 am (UTC)
Ethan smiled and reached over to squeeze Spencer's arm lightly, stating, "I'm really happy for you, Spencer. No one deserves all of this happiness more than you."

Spencer's bottom lips trembled as he responded with a tremble in his voice, "Th-thanks, Ethan."


Derek wiped his palms nervously along his thighs as everyone settled down on at the table. Derek took one end while Hotch took the other. Derek set the ring box in between his legs after digging it out of his pocket. After a prayer led by his mother, Derek smiled and said, "I'm sure everyone at this table has the same tradition that my momma instilled in me. So why don't we go around and say what we're thankful for? Spencer, would you like to go first?"

Spencer grinned and responded, "I don't know if I've ever had so much to be thankful for during this holiday in the past. First off, I'm thankful that we're all here together because each one of you is like family to me. I'm thankful that my mother is doing well right now and I might get to see her very soon. But the three people I'm most thankful for are Derek, Twinkie, and Pop Tart."

The women aww'ed when Derek raised Spencer's hand and kissed it, Ethan teasing, "And I'll be thankful when those two kids have decent names!"

Everyone laughed and slowly but surely, everyone gave their lists of what they were thankful for the most. Everyone burst into laughter again when Penelope claimed to be thankful for "computers and , and Derek saw Spencer dash away a tear or two when Francis welcomed him into the Morgan family. Finally he was the last person and he cleared his throat.

"I share a lot of Spencer's earlier sentiments," he began slowly. "I'm so thankful that we're all able to spend this day together, in this house that most of you generously helped complete. You did this without payment, giving up your own free time, so that I could give my growing family a home. So thank you all."

He licked his lips and turned to Spencer, saying, "And Spencer Reid, I'm thankful for you most of all as well. I know this will make me sound like a total sap, but I never knew what love truly was until you stumbled into my life."

Spencer's eyes were glassy but he had the biggest smile on his face. Derek pushed his chair back and got down on one knee, grabbing the box and holding it out to Spencer, hearing gasps all around the table. Spencer's eyes widened and Derek opened the box, revealing two simple gold bands. He smiled at Spencer and asked, "Spencer, would you make me an even happier man by being my husband?"

A few tears tumbled down Spencer's flushed cheeks and he managed to say, "Y-yes! Of course I will!"

The table erupted into applause and Derek surged forward, kissing Spencer with every fiber of his being. He pulled back to slip Spencer's ring onto his ring finger and let Spencer do the same. Spencer pulled him into a hug, crying, "God, I love you, Derek!"

"I love you, too, pretty boy," Derek replied.


Penelope giggled happily as she hugged Derek goodbye, squealing giddily, "Oh, Der, I'm so happy for you! And not to mention, crazy jealous!"

Derek pulled back, grinning, and asked, "Crazy jealous of what?"

"Of your white picket fence dream!" Penelope enthused. "A beautiful home, a man that loves you, two kids on the way...it's perfection."

"Penelope!" Emily called, waiting by her car. "Come on, wild woman! We need to get you home!"

Penelope waved to her and turned back to Derek, who wore a strange look on his face. She laughed and asked nervously, "What?"

Derek simply kissed her forehead and murmured against it, "Your perfection is closer than you think, baby girl. Just don't take too long to realize it."

I almost wanted to write a smoochy scene with our girls, but you've been doing so well showing their relationship develop, that I thought that honor should stay with you. Hope I didn't make you OD with all the fluffiness! Have fun, dahlin'!

May. 5th, 2010 03:15 pm (UTC)
Penelope sat in the passenger's seat of Emily's BMW, scrolling through her iPod, nodding in approval. She couldn't help but think about what Derek had said.
"What are you so quiet about?" Emily asked, her voice soft over Mirah's Generosity.
"Hm?" She looked over, catching her profile, illuminated periodically by the streetlights. "Nothing." She smiled and shifted in the leather seat. "I think our Sweet Potato Pie was a hit."
"I'd hope so after all I endured." She wiggled her Hello-Kitty band-aid plastered hands.
"Well, if you'd used pot-holders to take the potatoes out of the oven..." She teased as Emily looked away, as if she were embarrassed.
"I was distracted." She protested, while Penelope thought back to the moment, joking and playing around with her in the kitchen, dancing around to Metric.
"Well, at least I play a good nurse." Penelope said, smiling softly, remembering how she'd held Emily's hand under the cool tap, and rubbed in organic, homeopathic burn salve across her palm and delicate fingers, how Emily laughed nervously. Garcia sighed gently as Emily pulled up in front of her apartment, and they sat for a moment.
"Well...What are you doing tomorrow?" Garcia asked as Emily shrugged.
"I was planning on digesting," She smirked, receiving a soft laugh.
"Care to exploit Black Friday with me? We still have a lot of things to get for the Shower, and not to mention Christmas shopping." She proposed as Emily's hand rested on her own thigh.
"Sure, as long as you don't make me get up for a four-am door-buster." She smirked as Garcia smiled and leaned over, kissing her cheek.
"Call me when you wake up, Esther and I will come pick you up." She told her, receiving a soft nod, and smile.

The gang back at the Reid-Morgan House had finished cleaning up and were relaxing in the living room in front of a fire. Derek and Spencer were curled up on the love-seat, with Mrs. Morgan, Sarah and Ethan on the couch, Desi on the floor playing with Clooney. Mrs. Morgan was sharing the obligatory embarrassing childhood stories to Spencer, who couldn't help but laugh. His eyes kept drifting back to his ring finger, now circled with the simple gold band. Every time he caught the glint in the firelight his heart skipped a beat, and he couldn't wipe the smile off his face.


Garcia straightened her below the knee, coffee brown with fuchsia trim skirt and a gray t featuring Marvel babes proclaiming "It's a girl's world" under her coat as she stood in front of Emily's door. She took a deep breath and knocked. Why was she nervous?
Prentiss answered the door in skinny black jeans, and long sleeve black t-shirt.
"Hey, come on in, I'm just finding shoes." She smiled and waved her in.

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May. 6th, 2010 07:47 am (UTC)
Spencer sighed as he turned off the TV for the third time in the past hour. Clooney lifted his head and turned to look at him from his resting place at the end of the bed, as if to say, "Hey, I was watching that."

"Sorry, boy," Spencer said to the dog. "The Golden Girls just aren't cutting it tonight."

The dog whimpered and laid his head back down. Spencer checked his clock and saw that it was only ten o'clock, meaning in the Central Time Zone, it was nine. Derek had made it a habit to call Spencer every night when he was away to say goodbye to him and the twins. Spencer would smile as he held the phone close to his stomach, hearing Derek coo to their children, and feel a couple kicks in response.

His phone started to buzz and he grabbed it, answering happily, "Derek?"

"Hey, pretty boy, how are you?"

Spencer laid back some in the bed and pouted, "I miss you. I hate having to stay behind. The house feels so empty when you're gone."

"I know, babe," Derek answered with a sigh. "I miss you, too. Even though you are a bed hog."

"I am not!" Spencer denied. "Just for that, I won't tell you about the dream I had."

He heard Derek laugh on the other end and apologized, saying, "I'm sorry, Spencer. Please tell me about your dream."

He felt his cheeks up as he laid down on his back and replied softly, "It was a dream of a...sexual nature."

"Mmmm, pretty boy," Derek hummed in approval, "tell me more."

Just thinking back on the dream excited him, as bizarre as it was, and he stammered, "Y-you can't laugh, I had watching one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies before I went to bed."

"I won't, now tell me."

Spencer closed his eyes and his hand subconsciously drifted down his body. He licked his lips and murmured, "We were on an island. You were a captain, and I was your cabin boy. I left the ship to explore, and you followed."

Derek's voice took a much huskier tone as he prodded, "Where were you going, pretty boy?"

"T-to a lagoon on the island," Spencer replied, cupping his growing erection through his sleeping pants. "I took off all my clothes and waded into the water. You watched me as I swam. Af-after a while, I walked out of the water and rested on the sand."

"Mmmmmm, so tempting," Derek commented, his voice thick with arousal. "Bet I made my move, then, with such a sexy fucking body on display."

Spencer moaned and slipped his hand into his pants, stroking his hot cock. Derek chuckled, "My wanton little cabin boy. Did you suck your captain's cock?"

"Yes!" Spencer cried, increasing the speed of his own cock. "Yes, I sucked your cock l-like a good boy!"

Derek groaned, "Fuck yeah, I can see it. You on your knees, your pretty pink lips stretched over my big, black dick. Bet I bent you over so I could fuck that tight little ass, mmm, my cabin boy?"

Spencer was panting and squirming, his hips thrusting involuntarily into his hand. He moaned, "Mmmm, yeah, you fucked me good!"

"Yeah, I did," Derek hissed, sounding as close to finishing as Spencer felt. "Bet with your memory, you can still see it, huh? Me gripping your little hips and fucking your tight little hole. Feel the sand on your hands and knees while my big, hard cock pounded you into oblivion."

Spencer's jaw dropped and he moaned, feeling his fist being clothed by his release. It took them a few minutes to recover, Spencer still panting lightly as he said, "That was...was..."

"Fucking hot," Derek finished. "I can't wait to get home, pretty boy, and do that for real!"


May. 6th, 2010 07:55 am (UTC)
Derek groaned when he heard the loud doorbell sound throughout the house. He sat up in the bed, Spencer moaning and his face wrinkling into a soft frown at the movement. Studying the floor, he finally stood when he spotted his sweats. After he finished putting them on, he turned back to Spencer, kissing his forehead and rubbing his swollen belly. He then headed downstairs to answered the door. Penelope and Emily stood there, Penelope quickly saying, "You two are still in bed! You need to go! Me and Emily, and your mom and sisters have a party to get ready!"

"Geez, Derek," he heard a voice snicker behind him, "why don't you just answer the door in the buff?"

Derek turned and glared at Sarah, who was already dressed for the day. He turned back to Penelope and grumbled, "The damn party ain't for another six hours. Why can't we just sit upstairs and sleep?"

"'Cause you just can't!" Penelope exclaimed, stomping her pink high-heeled foot. "Now chop, chop. Baby showers don't put themselves together, you know?"

I hope you enjoyed that! I had to keep stopping to bury my face in my pillow, I was so bashful! I hope the dialogue isn't too cheesy or lame. Have fun with the baby shower! Can't wait to read it!
May. 6th, 2010 04:04 pm (UTC)
Once the Daddies to be were shoved out of the house Emily and Penelope started unloading all of the baby-crap from their respective vehicles. Normally they would have car-pooled, but, unless they rented a U-Haul, it would have been impossible to fit it all on one car.
Emily moved slowly and cautiously around Penelope, not knowing quite how to act at the moment, thinking back to the night before.

Emily hissed as she burnt herself with the hot-glue gun again, Penelope sighing sweetly and taking her hand, peeling off the still pliable glue.
"Give me." She smiled. "Apparently you're just heat challenged." She told her, leaning up against her, half supported by the back of the couch, handing her the plastic bags full of pastel pink, blue, yellow and green m&ms that were currently being loaded into mini baby bottles that Emily was hot gluing bows on.
"I think your glue gun is just evil." She protested, shaking in the correct proportions of m&ms into the ready bottles.
"Of course, darling." Penelope just smiled and finished off the last few. "Gosh, I think we're done. I guess I should go through the checklist." She sighed and drained her Rum and Coke before looking at her again, watching her fill the last bottle. "You good?" She asked as Emily nodded and she smiled and gave her a soft, brief kiss on the lips. "Good."
"Yoohoo?" Penelope cooed, as Emily stood on the curb looking in the back seat blankly.
She flinched and turned and forced a smile. "Sorry, what?"
Penelope laughed and shook her head, heading to Esther.

Emily and Penelope lugged the two large boxes up the stairs and started assembling the two cribs in the babies' room. Then put together the changing tables and dressers, admiring their handywork when it was all done.
"Well, you might not be able to do arts-and-crafts but you're pretty good with a screwdriver." Penelope teased as Emily laughed and brushed her dark hair out of her eyes. Garcia smiled up at her and leaned against her as they debated the positioning of the cribs.
"Hey!" They heard, coming up the stairs.
"In the twins' room!" Garcia called as JJ stuck her head in, carrying a few over-sized shopping bags.
"Guys, this looks great." She sighed and leaned against the two, smiling. "They're going to flip when they see this."

After filling in some of the shelves in the playroom with stuffed animals and toys, and straightening things up they headed down stairs, seeing the fabulous job The Morgan's had done with the decor. Chairs from the dining room had been assembled in the living room, where a nice fire was going, a folding table was put up against the wall with a themed table cloth, and a centerpiece of a bowl with two floating ducklings set on a circular green place mat, the bowl surrounded by a few small sheep stuffed animals.
"So CUTE!!" Penelope squealed as she clapped her hands. "Okay, um, let's see. I think all that's left is the clothesline, all of the stuff for it is in those bags over there," She gestured to the piles along the wall, "And what JJ has. Em and I will finish the appetizers and whatnot."
Penelope waltzed around the kitchen, preparing quiches, mini-tea-sandwiches, dips, etc, Emily doing as instructed. She lined the bread up along the cutting board assembly line style and layered them with cream cheese, and sliced cucumbers, yellow bell peppers, onions and prosciutto before quartering them.
She felt Garcia's chin rest on her shoulder and inspect her work. "Mmm, those look so good." She purred as Emily turned her head, only to find herself nose to nose with the spunky analyst and Garcia smooched her on the lips again before going to check the quiche in the oven. Emily was left mentally anguishing whether it was just a kiss, or a real kiss. Sometimes, she hated women and their tendency to be affectionate.
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May. 11th, 2010 05:32 am (UTC)
"Derek, pull the lights down some. No, not that much!"

Derek gritted his teeth to keep from snapping at Spencer. As cute as his enthusiasm over the holiday was, Derek was the one who had to be the manual labor, to keep Spencer from doing it himself. He nearly stroked when he saw Spencer dragging the large work ladder into the front yard with both arms burdened down with Christmas lights.

Derek adjusted the line once more then turned to Spencer, saying, "Pretty boy, it looks fine! Now I'm getting down because I'm freezing."

He was greeted on the ground by Spencer pouting ever so slightly. He instantly felt guilty and hopped off the ladder. He leaned forward to kiss Spencer and murmured, "I'm sorry, babe. I know how excited you are about this. I'm just cold and tired."

"You can't be tired!" Spencer exclaimed. "We still haven't gotten our Christmas tree. I promised Penelope we'd pick ours out together!"

As if on cue, Aqua's "Barbie Girl" started sounding from Spencer's pocket. He grinned and pulled out his cellphone, answering smugly, "Hello, Penelope."

Derek mouthed evil genius at Spencer before heading inside the house to grab a thick jacket for Spencer and the keys to the SUV. By the time he had locked up and set the alarm, Penelope had parked Esther next to Spencer's bucket of bolts and was chatting with Spencer. Derek waved and teased, "Pretty boy has decided to be the spirit of Christmas!"

Spencer gave him a kitten glower and stated, "Just imagine what I'll be like next Halloween. The girls will be so cute dressed up like fairies."

Derek rolled his eyes as he circled to the boys as driver's side and corrected, "You mean the boys will be cute as ninjas."


Penelope clapped happily as she and Spencer finished placing the last of the Christmas presents under the tree. Spencer rubbed his stomach, which was covered by the ever-present Northwestern hoodie, and smiled at her. They sat down on the couch, Spencer setting his feet on her lap. He kept running his hands over his stomach, causing Penelope to squeeze one of his ankles and ask, "You miss Derek?"

"Yeah," Spencer answered softly. "He hates not being here. We're been talking about that issue."

Penelope frowned and asked, "What do you mean, Spencer?"

Spencer ran a hand through his hair and sighed, "You can't tell anyone, but...we've been discussing leaving the BAU."

Penelope felt her jaw drop and she squeezed his ankle, repeating, "Leave? Why?"

"Look at Hotch," Spencer explained, his eyes glassy. "His marriage fell apart, and he barely sees Jack. Derek and I don't want that to happen to our family."

"You'll stay in DC, won't you?" Penelope asked, hating the idea of her doves moving.

Spencer smiled and laughed, "Of course we will! Our home is here. Derek's considering getting a job with the DC police, and I'm thinking about being a stay-at-home mom. I know there are journals and magazines who would kill to have me write for them."

Penelope snorted a laugh and repeated, "A stay-at-home mom? Don't you mean dad?"

"No, I meant mom," Spencer replied. "I carried the babies. Just because I am a man, that doesn't mean I have to use the male-related labels."

Penelope giggled and suggested they go make some hot chocolate. They headed to the kitchen and Spencer busied himself with gathering hot chocolate packets and marshmallows. As she poured water into two mugs and placed them in the microwave, she asked excitedly, "So, what did you get Derek?"

Spencer grinned and rubbed his stomach, saying, "Something he's really wanted to know."

She looked back and forth for a few seconds before squealing, "You know! Oh, please, tell me! I promise I won't tell Derek!"

Spencer leaned back against the counter and replied, "We're having a boy and a girl. I told Fran at Thanksgiving and asked her to make two little outfits for their trip home. The outfits will be my way of telling him."

Penelope clapped and moved to place her hands on Spencer's belly, cooing, "You two hurry up! Your Aunt Penny can't wait to meet you!"


May. 11th, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
Derek groaned and groped at Spencer's side of the bed. He frowned and sat up when he felt empty space. As he took a deep breath, he smelled something...or a multitude of things. He slipped his feet into his house shoes and grabbed his robe from the closet. He ambled downstairs to the kitchen and found Spencer cooking up a storm. He was wearing his Halloween boxers, the Northwestern hoodie, and Derek's "Kiss the Cook" apron. He had a smudge of flour on one cheek and his forehead. Derek checked the clock on the microwave and saw that it was only 7:30 AM.

"Pretty bo-oo-ahhh," Derek yawned, "what are you doing? The party doesn't start for another twelve hours!"

"Yes," Spencer agreed, turning to him as he stirred something in a big blue bowl. "And I want everything to be ready by then, and some of the foods require longer prep times."

Derek spied the Pop Tart wrappers near the toaster and folded his arms over his chest. Spencer looked indignant and asked, "What?"

He pointed at the wrappers and said, "Those better not be the only things you ate for breakfast."

Spencer shrugged sheepishly and mumbled, "Not really."

The doorbell rang and Derek turned to answer it, calling over his shoulder, "We're not done yet!"

He opened the door to find Penelope loaded down with two shopping bags and a tray of coffee. She thrusted the bags into his arms, saying, "Oh, good, you're up. I brought us coffee. Has Spencer already started cooking the ham?"

"Yes, Penelope!" Spencer greeted from the kitchen. "Did you bring breakfast?"

"Biscuits and gravy, with tons of bacon and sausage, my genius angel!"

Derek moved to set the bags on the coffee table and Penelope gave him a kiss on the cheek, saying warmly, "Two of the coffees are for you, choco-muffin."

Derek smiled gratefully. "You are a goddess, Penelope Garcia!"

But before he could pick up one of the cups, Penelope smacked his hand and said all-too-sweet, "But first, could you be a dear heart and unload Esther? There's just a couple bags of party supplies in the truck."

Derek went back to the front door and traded his house shoes for his running shoes. He tied his house robe tight around him and finally stepped out into the cold, Clooney running out before him. Clooney followed him to Esther and Derek popped the truck. He groaned and yelled back at the house, "A couple? There's at least five bags in here!"

He heard Penelope's laughter float outside and her response of, "Those bags won't unload themselves! Now hurry up, your breakfast is getting cold!"

Derek grumbled to Clooney the entire time he loaded his arms down with bags about crazy woman and fiancee and gonna overdose on Christmas cheer.


Penelope headed back to the kitchen to get more gingerbread men. The whole team was curled up in her doves' living room with Derek entertaining them with stories of growing up with three women. She set the empty tray on the counter and started loading it down with cookies.

"Hey, I should be doing that."

She turned to see Spencer at the entrance to the kitchen with a mock glare on his face. Penelope rolled her eyes and said, "Darling, I'm surprised you're not comatose from working non-stop all day. The least I can do is fetch more gingerbread men."

Spencer smiled and said, "All right, if you insist. By the way, I've been meaning to ask you something."

"Shoot, Spencie," she replied, finishing loading the tray with the last of the cookies.

Spencer ran his fingers through his hair and asked with a smirk, "Are you and Prentiss ever going to acknowledge this...thing developing between you two?"

Penelope felt her cheeks heat up and she said bashfully, "I don't know. I've been dropping hints, but she hasn't been responding."

She shook her head and picked up the tray, intent on heading back into the living room, but Spencer gently placed his hands on her shoulders. He squeezed them gently and said, "I know it's your thing to give out advise, but allow me to impart some of my own. Do more than drop hints, Penelope. Love is too rare and beautiful a thing to be caviler about."
May. 11th, 2010 06:03 am (UTC)
He kissed her forehead and smiled, saying, "Now let's get back to the party before Derek freaks out and starts thinking I've gone into labor."

She followed Spencer as he waddled back into the living room, Derek opening his arms and Spencer curling against his side. Penelope set the tray on the coffee table and picked up her glass of wine. She took her place next to Spencer and looked across from her where Emily sat in one of the dining room table chairs. Emily gave her a soft smile and Penelope felt her heart skip a beat. She felt a hand touch hers and looked next to her to see Spencer smile and wink.


Penelope sat in Esther, tapping her fingers on her steering wheel. What are you doing here, Penelope Garcia?!, she asked herself for the twelve time since she had parked in front of Emily's townhouse. Spencer's words had struck a cord in her, and when she went home after the party, she found herself unable to sleep. So here she sat in her car, in her Betty Boop pajamas and pink high heels. Finally she gathered her courage and climbed out of the car, marching up to Emily's front porch. But before she could even touch the doorbell, the door lock clicked and the door opened, revealing Emily dressed in her own silky black night gown and matching house robe.

"I was wondering when you were finally going to get out of your car," she teased.

"Y-you knew I was here?" Penelope asked, dumbfounded.

Emily laughed and leaned against her door frame. "PG, I would recognize that car anywhere. So...what are you doing here?"

Belatedly, she realized that in her rush to Emily's house, she had forgotten to think of something to say. She looked at Emily, who was looking increasing more concerned, and decided to act on impulse. She stepped forward and kissed her raven-haired beauty. She felt Emily stiffen for a split second before responding by cupping Penelope's face with one hand and wrapping the other around her waist. Penelope moaned softly when she felt Emily's tongue brush against her own, desire racing through her body. Emily pulled back enough to brush their noses together and pant, "Let's come inside. We can continue this...discussion in my bedroom."

Penelope smiled wickedly and murmured hotly, "I like the sound of that."

I'm sooo sorry if I ruined anything you had planned! I would have tried to write some femslash if 1) I had enough room, 2) I had the courage, and 3) it were a much decent hour. I hope I gave you something to play with! Have fun!
May. 11th, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
Emily paused to shut the door, feeing cold hands slip around her waist , one slipping inside the part of her silk robe. She hissed quietly unsure if she wanted to arch into or away from the touch as she turned the lock.
"God, Garcia, your hands are freezing." She shivered and removed the hand that was pressed at the thin layer of silk covering her stomach.
"Sorry," She said softly as Emily turned around , holding her hand, gathering the other and rubbing warmth into them.
"Come on." She said, as Penelope was unfortunately lead to the kitchen not the bedroom, though being an optimist she smirked at her host and raised a brow.
"Kitchen, eh? That's a bit kinky." She said as Emily's face flitted between shock, and amusement, not answering, just turning on the unit under the kettle.
Garcia fidgeted anxiously as Emily reached easily into the cabinets and produced two olive green mugs, before going into the pantry for hot cocoa. Emily's ability to completely remove herself from a situation was a blessing and a curse; right now, a curse.
"Did I do something wrong?" She asked finally as Prentiss handed her a mug of cocoa, looking up, her lips pressed into a thin line.
"No." She shook her head and lead her to the couch, flicking on the lamp on the end-table.
"Then...what's wrong?" She asked as Emily pulled her legs up onto the couch and Penelope studied a perfectly sculpted foot with perfectly pedicured toes.
"You know, PG, you're a hard girl to figure out." She sighed sipping slowly at the hot liquid.
"I've been preparing myself to smile and congratulate you for when that Tech guy asks you out." She admitted quietly. "I just can't pin you down, whether you meant it, or not...you know?"
"Well...Kevin did ask me out." She said as Emily nodded and said nothing but: "Oh." Garcia smiled and nudged her foot. "I told him thanks, but, no thanks." She put the mug down on the coffee-table and rubbed a now very warm hand up the top of her foot to close around her ankle. "Do you know why I said no thanks?" A self-conscious shrug. "Because, I already have someone I like...I just apparently need to be more clear about showing it." Emily's dark eyes raised to meet hers, beautiful lips parting slowly.
"Garcia..." She said as Penelope maneuvered her right leg off the couch, the other moving to make space between her legs as she crept closer.
"Emily..." She said softly, brushing her lips against hers just barely. "I'm sorry I was such a tease."
"Such a tease." Emily repeated, grazing her teeth over Garcia's bottom lip.
"However can I make it up to you?" She asked slipping her fingers up the inside of Emily's leg, through the slit of the robe, feeling more silk.
Emily whined in annoyance and desire as the questing fingers stopped just above her knee.
"Hm? What was that?" Penelope cooed trailing her fingers Emily's pale throat, slowly tipping her chin up.
The dark haired woman nipped at the finger and kissed it in apology. "Bedroom." She said as Penelope grinned and slowly got up from pinning Emily to the plush couch.
"That's what I thought."
She followed Emily into her bedroom and smiled, seeing the ratty flannel pj bottoms hanging out of the hamper.
"Did you get changed just for me?" She asked as Emily shot her an innocent smile, backing her up to the edge of the bed.
"Well, you were in your car a while, I figured I'd be prepared if the situation arose."
Penelope smirked and scooted back on the bed, leaving her high heels on the floor and watched Emily crawl up, slow, seductive, almost predatory.
"Lucky me." She purred as Emily hovered over her, leaning in for a kiss.
"Mmm...lucky me." She purred back after an eternity of kisses before dipping to trail more kisses down Penelope's throat.
"Oh, by the way." The blonde said, working the tie of her robe loose, slipping her hand up Emily's flat stomach. "Merry Christmas." She said, cupping one of Emily's breasts, delighting in her gasp.


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