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( 74 Hearts Given — Give Me Your Heart? )
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May. 11th, 2010 05:16 pm (UTC)
Derek sighed as Hotch dismissed them to gather their go-bags. With Spencer's due date getting ever closer, he hated traveling far away from him. Spencer had planned that two weeks before his scheduled c-section, he would travel up to Philadelphia and stay with a friend of their doctor's who took in his male pregnancies. Derek stood and pulled his cellphone from his pocket, heading to his desk.

"Hey, Derek, what's up?"

"We got a case, pretty boy," Derek answered, grabbing his go-bag from under his desk.

He listened to Spencer clear his throat and ask, "Where?"

"Washington," Derek growled, scrubbing his face with his hand. "God, Spencer, I hate going this far away with your due date so close."

"Derek, I have another five weeks or so," Spencer soothed. "I'll be fine. Although Tyler and Vivian are like two Mexican jumping beans in my stomach. I tried to take a nap, but they weren't having it."

Derek couldn't stop the grin that spread across his face, chuckling, "Tell them Daddy said to give you a break, that you need rest."

"I'll deliver the message," Spencer replied, his smile evident as he spoke. "I love you, Derek."

"I love you, too, Spencer."


Derek turned to see Hotch and the team waiting for him. He said a quick goodbye to Spencer before jumping up to join the team.


Penelope smiled as she finished checking her reflection in the mirror. She had decided to go spend the day with Spencer. After hearing his lonesome tone on the phone, she figured that he would welcome the company. She grabbed her purse and headed out the the door, pausing to lock it. As she headed to Esther, she pulled her cellphone from her purse and dialed Spencer's number. After two rings, he answered breathlessly, "Hey, Pen."

Penelope frowned and asked, "Why do you sound out of breath?"

"Oh, I'm just gathering a basket of clothes to take downstairs," Spencer replied. "I desperately need to get some laundry done."

"Spencer, please wait until I get there," Penelope fretted, climbing inside Esther. "I don't like the idea of you going downstairs with a big laundry basket."

He laughed, but then she heard him yelp and a loud commotion. She gasped and yelled, "Spencer! Spencer, answer me! Spencer!"

He still didn't answer. She gunned Esther into life and sped off towards his house. She worried the pad of her cellphone and wondered if she should call Derek. She was hoping that Spencer would call her back and just say that he lost the grip on the basket and his phone. Even with her speeding like the devil, it took her ten minutes to get to Spencer and Derek's house. She didn't even shut off her car, foregoing that to climb out and race to the front door. She used her key that Derek had given her a couple months back and pushed the door open, shouting, "Spencer!"

She hurried to the stairs and cried out when she saw Spencer crumpled on his side surrounding by clothes. But what worried her even more was the pool of blood coming from his backside. She dialed 911 and the operator answered, "911, what is your emergency?"

"Y-yes," Penelope stammered, "I need an ambulance. I-i mean, my friend, I'm at his house. He's-"

"Ma'am," the operator soothed, "I need you to take a breath. Now tell me the address, then we can assess the situation with your friend."

Penelope wiped her face off and took a deep breath, telling the operator the address. She heard a keyboard clicking away, then the operator said, "Okay, I have a unit on their way. Now tell me what happened to your friend."

"He's pregnant," Penelope cried softly, kneeling near Spencer and brushing hair away from his face. "He was ta-taking a basket of laundry downstairs when I think he tripped. He's not awake, and th-there's blood coming from his bottom."

"Okay, you're doing good, ma'am, really good," the operator said. "The unit's almost there. Now how far along is your friend?"

"About eight months."

Penelope stayed on the phone with the operator, a nice elderly woman named Stella, until the ambulance arrived. A woman and a man came up beside her, the woman saying, "Okay, ma'am, we're going to need you to step aside, so we can help your friend."
May. 11th, 2010 05:19 pm (UTC)
Penelope nodded and stood, the man giving her a hand. She choked back a sob as she watched them load Spencer onto the gurney and placed his neck in a brace. She watched them wheel Spencer out and then looked down at her cellphone. She took a moment to collect herself before she dialed Derek's number.

"Penelope, I'm in the middle of a case," he answered hurriedly.

Penelope sniffed and said softly, "Derek, it's Spencer."


Derek groaned in frustration as he studied the pictures of mangled bodies. They had been there three days, and still they were no closer to catching the sick bastard responsible. Suddenly his phone started ring, and he took it from its place on his hip. Seeing it was Penelope, he answered shortly, "Penelope, I'm in the middle of a case."

"Derek, it's Spencer."

Something in her tone instantly put him on alert and he asked, "What about him? I-is he okay?"

He heard her sob and he felt his heart clench. He asked, panic building, "Penelope, what happened?"

"H-he was doing laundry," she replied tearfully. "He was taking a basket downstairs, I told him to wait until I got there. But he didn't listen! He...he fell down the stairs."

Derek felt his knees start to tremble and tears flooded his eyes. He stammered, "Did you-I mean, is he-Oh God!"

"The ambulance just took him to the hospital," she replied.

Derek stood and said shortly, "I'm coming."


Penelope downed her third cup of bad hospital coffee as she waited for news on Spencer and the twins. She had managed to snag one of the EMTs that had brought Spencer in and she told Penelope that one of the placentas might have detached and that he was rushed into surgery. Her phone vibrated and she looked down to see a text message from Emily: Im with Derek. Any news?

Penelope sighed and replied: None rite now. Still in surgery.

Just then, a woman in Looney Tunes scrubs came into the waiting room and called to her, "Are you with Spencer Reid?"

Penelope jumped up, saying, "Yes, I am. How is he?"

"They've just removed him from surgery," the nurse informed her. "He's going to be fine, he just has a mild concussion and a broken wrist from bracing his fall. His twins are fine as well. He's still unconscious but stable."

Penelope flood tears of relief flood her eyes and she breathed, "Thank God. Can I see him?"

The nurse nodded and led her to his room. The nurse told her she could only stay five minutes then turned to return to the nurse's station. Penelope moved to sit down in the chair next to Spencer and took his bandaged hand in hers. She sniffed and said, "You, Dr. Reid, are in very big trouble when you wake up. It is not nice at all to scare everyone like this."

With her free hand, she sent a text to Emily and Derek: Spencer and Co are fine. Ty and Vivi have finally arrived!


Derek and Emily rushed to the front desk, Derek saying hurriedly, "What room is Spencer Reid in? I'm his fiancee."

The nurse looked him for a second before gushing, "So you're the father of those two gorgeous little babies! Those two have stolen all the nurses' hearts!"

His small panic faded as fatherly pride flooded his body and he chuckled, "Well, thank you, that's very kind."

The nurse gave him Spencer's room number and he and Emily headed in that direction. He stopped short of the door when he saw two nurses huddled outside Spencer's room. Derek cleared his throat and the nurses moved back, one of them blushing and saying, "Sorry, Mr. Morgan. Your twins are just too precious!"

They hurried away and Derek found Spencer and Penelope each holding a little bundle. Spencer looked at him and gushed to the little pink bundle in his arms, "Look, Vivi! There's Daddy!"

Penelope promptly popped up with her little blue bundle and gushed, "Here you go, Daddy. Someone wants to meet you."
May. 11th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
Derek felt breathless as he took his son into his arms. His skin was the palest brown and dark blond curls peeked out from under his little beanie. He studied Derek with big brown eyes before reaching up to graze Derek's chin with tiny little fingers. Derek grinned and sat down in the chair Penelope had just inhabited, cooing softly, "Yeah, that's my boy."

Spencer cleared his throat and Derek looked up at him. Spencer wore the same dopey grin Derek probably had and said, "Vivian wants to meet you, too, Daddy."

Derek moved as close as he could get, Penelope stepping in for a second to help the trade of babies go smoother. Vivian studied him as Tyler did and Derek cooed, "Hey there, baby girl. Daddy's here."

Vivian then turned her little head towards his chest, her little hand moving to grasp his shirt, before her eyes slid shut. Derek grinned and bent his head down to kiss her forehead. He looked back at Spencer, whose eyes were now glassy, and Derek murmured, "I am too happy to be mad at you right now."

Hope I haven't killed you with fluffy sweet-tooth inducing fluff. XD Have fun!
May. 11th, 2010 11:12 pm (UTC)
Penelope cradled baby Tyler easily and noticed Emily hanging back in the corner, keeping out of the way. She tilted her head to indicate a come here and slowly she stepped closer.
"You look awful, are you sure you weren't in labor too?" Emily teased quietly, noticing the traces of makeup smeared around her eyes and cheeks, receiving a smirk.
"Hey, these are my babies too, they just don't know it yet." She told her girlfriend, turning to give her a better view of Tyler, sleeping peacefully. She noticed the flash of emotion cross Emily's face and nuzzled her shoulder, unable to do much else with her armful of baby. "Do you want to hold him?" She asked as Emily shook her head, and Penelope looked to the two proud parents.
"You can hold him, Emily." Spencer said, smiling as he watched Derek fawn over his baby-girl.
"It's okay, you should..." She protested, as Derek looked over his shoulder at her and smiled.
"Emily, just hold the damn baby." He said, shifting slightly to find a more comfortable position to hold Vivian. "I trust you." He said as she finally conceded, sitting in the spare chair against the wall, allowing Garcia to ease the tiny baby into her arms.
Tyler let out a whiny baby noise at the fussing and Emily immediately winced, getting flustered.
"Hey, shh, it's okay...It's okay." She whispered, her voice catching a little as she rocked him ever so gently, cooing comforting noises. "It's okay, little guy." She sniffled quietly, Garcia fitting beside her, hands resting on her shoulders affectionately.
Emily shook her head a little to shield her face with her hair, trying to hide a tear snaking down her cheek as she held the tiny child. Penelope felt a tug in her chest and she bent down, pressing a kiss into the top of her head and wiped away the rogue tears for her.

Derek picked up his head finally, and frowned. "Did anyone call my Mom?" He asked as a round of shrugs made it's way around the room. "Oh, she is going to kill me for not calling sooner." He winced and Penelope gave Emily another kiss before moving to unclip Derek's phone from his belt for him and dialed before sandwiching the phone between his shoulder and his ear.

"Hey, Mama," He said when she picked up. "Guess what?"


After a few days both Spencer and Babies were cleared to go home, where Grandma Morgan was eagerly awaiting them, making sure the house was ready. The two new parents were easily overwhelmed by their double trouble, trying to work out schedules for feedings, naps, etc, and actually fighting over who got to change diapers (though, they both knew that the thrill would eventually wear off...about the diapers, not the babies). Clooney followed them around curiously and protectively, making sure no strangers got near the babies.
On their second day home, the team was invited over for a meet and greet with the BAU's Most Popular Babies. They all gathered in the living room, passing around babies, and compliments and coos and adoration, coupled with light conversation.
JJ stared down lovingly at Vivian, touching her tiny, spindly fingers. "So, Garcia, I know you just threw Spencer's shower...but, I was wondering, are you for hire?"
Garcia looked up from sweet-talking to Tyler, in Emily's arms and shot her a confused look.
"Because, you know...I was thinking, It might be nice for Tyler and Vivian to have a little cousin to play with." She hinted as Hotch shot her a questioning look, and Spencer grinned.
"You are?!" He asked as she nodded.
"Yeah...I thought now would be a good time to break the news." She smiled sheepishly as more congratulations shook the house, causing Tyler to start to cry, Emily quickly soothing him.
"So, are you leaving the BAU?" Hotch asked as she frowned and shook her head. "No, I don't see why not...Will is...Will is going to move here and do the stay-at-home dad thing." She smiled and noticed Hotch was looking to Morgan.

Derek's jaw was set tightly and he didn't look at Spencer who was busying himself by folding a pink gingham burp-cloth.
"When do you expect to be back?" Hotch asked, locked on as Morgan shrugged.
"Not sure yet." He lied, as Hotch tried to get a read on him.
May. 11th, 2010 11:56 pm (UTC)
"So, Spencer, how's motherhood treating you?" Rossi asked, quickly changing the subject to let Derek off the hook.
"Does anyone need more coffee, beer, wine, whatever?" Derek asked before Spencer replied as Penelope raised her wineglass eagerly.
"I'll take another beer," Hotch said, getting up and following Derek into the kitchen.

Derek busied himself with Garcia's wine after handing Hotch his beer. The older agent studied him, his usual stony look on his face.
"You're not coming back, are you?" He finally said as Derek shook his head in agreement.
"I want to...I really do...but...I can't."
"I was pretty certain Spencer wouldn't be coming back, but, you I wasn't sure about until now." He admitted as Morgan leaned against the counters and sighed.
"There have been too many families wrecked by this job...and I'm not about to be one of them." Morgan said softly. "I just...I can't let that happen."
"I understand."
"Do you think I'm weak for walking away?" He asked, as Hotch shook his head.
"I think it makes you more of a man." He admitted, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder, with a nod, and went back to the living room.

After a week, they broke the news to the team that they would not be returning to the BAU, much to the disappointment, and quiet understanding of their teammates.
"What do you plan on doing with yourselves?" Rossi asked, smiling in approval.
"Well, I plan to write. I mean, three PHD's have to be worth something right?" Spencer smiled. "I might write a book, about my experiences, maybe." He admitted as Rossi smiled.
"When you have something concrete, I'll set you up with my Publisher." He offered as Spencer nodded gratefully. "Derek?"
Morgan took a second, shrugged and smiled warmly. "I honestly don't know, right now, but, we've got enough of a cushion for me to be out of work for a while, while I figure it out." He laughed quietly. "I could apply to work with the Metro PD, I could do private consultations, I could teach, I can do anything." He said, with his usual confidence. "Most importantly, I'm going to be a daddy, that will always be my number-one job."
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( 74 Hearts Given — Give Me Your Heart? )

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