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The Past | The Future

Preggers!Spencer Round Robin

Hey!  So if I did this right, which I'm sure I am, you and I are the only ones able to see this post!  *Mauwahaaaa!*  Some rules apply.  No more than three posts a turn, if you can't get it out by three comment space's worth, then cut something down.  Any POV goes, so if it pleases you or me, we can play the doves or one of the supporting characters.  If you have a comment on the story, we can talk it out during a message on LJ.  And no pressure on when to respond, just do it when you can.  *g*  Hehe!  So...let the madness begin!


Spencer groaned after he finished throwing his guts up for the fourth morning in a round.  He grimaced and managed to raise himself to his knees.  He rested his knees on his small sink and turned on the water, cupping one of his hands to swoop water into his mouth.  Standing slowly, he flushed the toilet and left his bathroom.  He plopped down on his bed and studied the clock.  8 a.m.  Derek was supposed to be back from Chicago today.  He had to go there when one of his sisters, Desiree, got into a car accident.  They had tried to dissuade him from coming, Desiree saying that her leg was just broken, that she was fine, but Derek, ever the caring brother, refused to hear any arguments.  Said care even extended to Spencer, Derek noticing his nauseousness of late.  Before he rushed out the door, he kissed Spencer and said, "We're taking you to the doctor when I get back.  Can't have my pretty boy sick on my watch."

Spencer worried his bottom lip as his brain worked against him.  There was a perfectly logical yet illogical reason
to why he was feeling the way he had lately, but he didn't want to even enknowledge that ideaHe and Derek had only been together for six months.  Spencer closed his eyes as they blurred with tears.  What if this scares Derek away? his mind unhelpfully supplied. 

"No," Spencer spoke aloud softly.  "He was there for me when I went through detox with
Dilaudid when we first got together.  If he was there for that, then surely-"

His ringing phone jerked him from his slowly-growing panic.  Without looking at the ID, he answered shortly, "Spencer Reid."

"Hey Spencer!" Penelope
responded brightly.  "What's with the stiff greeting?"

Spencer wiped at his eyes quickly, as though she were standing right in front of him, and said, "It's nothing, Gar-Penelope.  Sorry.  So what's going on?"

He could practically hear the gears turning in her head.  Worry colored her voice as she asked, "You sound strange.  Is it because of this little stomach bug you've had lately?  Derek's been really worried about you."

Tears flooded his eyes again, and he fell back on the bed, his free hand unconsciously moving to stroke his stomach.  He swallowed hard against the large lump growing in his throat and replied in a choked voice, "I d-don't think it's a stomach bug, Penelope."

Her end was silent for a second before she gasped and said quickly, "I'll be right over!"


"Did you know that there are about 25,000 cases of male pregnancy each year in the US alone?"

Spencer looked at his friend, who studied him with the same worried expression she had had since she arrived.  They sat in his small living room, and he had been avoiding looking down at his small coffee, where they had placed the five different pregnancy tests.  He looked at his black TV screen and recited, "Of those cases, around 70% are successful.  Failures are mostly the results of miscarriages or abor-"

"Reid!"  Penelope exclaimed, causing him to jump.  She took one of his hands, tugging it softly, and he looked at her.  Her eyes were glittering and she asked softly, "Are you even a little bit happy about this?  This isn't something you can explain away or profile.  You can't hide behind your wall of numbers and creepy little facts."

He felt his chin tremble as he cried, "How can I, when there are so many odds against me?  My body type isn't ideal for carrying a baby, not to mention the sheer amount of stress my job puts me through on a day to day basis."  

Penelope pulled him into her arms and he let her, crying into the soft juncture between her neck and shoulder.  She rubbed his back in a soothing pattern and pace, murmuring, "Oh, my baby genius, you have to have faith.  You have to believe this will work itself out.  You can talk to Hotch and make arrangements, staying behind in the local offices when you travel.  And when you get into your third trimester, you can hang back with me.  Don't forget, you have an entire team and one protective baby daddy that will move heaven and earth for you and your little one."

Spencer couldn't help but smile as she spoke.  He sniffed and chuckled, "How is it you seem to have all the answers to life?"

He felt her press a kiss onto the top of his head.  "You forget, my dove, I am the goddess of all things worth knowing.  It's my duty to know these things."

The egg timer dinged and pulled them from their tender moment.  Spencer pulled away from Penelope's warm hug and picked up one of the tests, seeing her follow suit from the corner of his eye.  Studying the tiny stripe, he made out the definitive answer: a tiny pink plus sign.  He looked over to Penelope and asked, "Positive?"

She nodded and they looked down at the remaining tests, all saying the same thing.  Spencer placed his hands, one still holding a test, on his stomach and murmured, "Hello in there."

Your turn!  Remember: no pressure on when to respond.  Hope I gave you some food for thought!


Apr. 22nd, 2010 07:35 am (UTC)
Spencer was laying down in his bed, one hand tracing his flat stomach while the other held his cellphone. He had started and stopped 17 text messages to Derek and almost called him eight times. But every message and phone call were stopped dead in their tracks by Spencer's panic that hadn't gone away. What would he say to Derek? How's your sister, Derek? Oh, by the way, I'm pregnant. Tears of frustration leaked from the corners of his eyes and he squeezed them slightly, wishing Penelope would hurry back. She had went out to get ingredients for her "Sadness Cure-All" meal, promising to be back in a flash.

Spencer studied the tiny screen of his cellphone, Derek's contact information still there. He kept half-wishing Derek would call him, just so Spencer could hear his voice. But Spencer knew Desiree was more important. Besides it was so rare that Derek got to spend time with his family, Spencer didn't want to call him with potentially bad news and ruin that special time. Spencer rub his stomach again and murmured, "What am I going to do, baby? I'm so scared."

Suddenly he felt his phone start to vibrate in his hand and his whole body jolted in shock. He looked down, half hoping it was Derek and half dreading it was Derek, until he saw Penelope's picture flashing on the screen. Spencer pressed the Send button and asked, "Yes, Penelope?"

"I forgot to ask before I left," she replied, the sounds of the store registering in the background. "What kind of cheese do you like?"

Spencer sighed tiredly and responded weakly, "It doesn't matter, Penelope. Just as long as it's not Swiss or off-brand cheese, I'll be fine."

"Okay, sweetie. No Swiss or off-brand. I'm almost done shopping, so I'll be back there soon."

Spencer mumbled a half-hearted reply before snapping his phone closed. He rubbed his stomach again and remarked, "With your Aunt Penny around, rest assured that we will be well-fed."

As he said that, the thought popped into his head at how strange it was that he was already having conversations with a tiny being inside him. He tried to picture how Derek would look and sound talking to their baby, but he was still unsure as to how Derek would react. Derek hadn't even told his family that they were together. Suddenly Spencer feared that Derek would resent him for outing him forceably to his family. Spencer felt a stress migraine coming on and decided to be proactive about it. He slowly climbed out of the bed and made his way to his bathroom. Grabbing two washcloths, he soaked them in cold water before ringing them out slightly. As he made his way back to his bed, he folded them into rectangles and laid back down. He placed one over his eyes and the other on the back of his neck. He did a breathing exercise he learned in his psychology class, trying to keep the migraine at bay.


When he woke up, his eyes felt gritty and his stomach rumbled with hunger. He ambled his way to the living room to find Penelope flipping through a magazine. He cleared his throat and she looked up from the glossy pages.

"Hey sleepyhead," she greeted softly. "How did your nap go?"

He shrugged, saying, "It made my migraine go away."

He sat down next to her, his hands tugging at the ends of his boxers. "Did...Derek call?"

Penelope nodded. "He called around 9:30 to say he was leaving. Said he should be back in D.C. sometime late tonight."

Spencer looked at her, licking his lips nervously. "And did you mention...you know?"

"No, Spencer. He deserves to hear that from you."

He looked down again, his stomach gurgling just as he did. He couldn't help but smile softly and Penelope giggled, "Sounds like that little one needs some food. Let me go fix you two a plate and then we'll watch some movies until Derek gets home."

As she got up, Spencer reached out and took her hand. He squeezed it softly and said, "Thank you, Penelope. It means a lot that you're here. I didn't want to be alone right now."

Penelope bent down to give him a soft kiss on his forehead and replied, "That's what friends are for, silly."

*grin* Your turn
Apr. 22nd, 2010 04:18 pm (UTC)
Derek Morgan left for the airport around noon for his 2 o'clock flight after making sure Desiree and his mother were settled, stopping in to say goodbye to Sarah at work, and visiting the cemetery to pay his respects to the dead.

He sighed and took solace in the hustle and bustle of O'Hare and settled himself down in a row of seats close to the windows, overlooking the busy air strip. He popped in his headphones and put his iPod on shuffle, not really paying attention to the music. Out of the corners of his eyes he watched the rest of the people, the various families, the lone businessmen. He kept looking at his phone, hoping to hear from Spencer. He'd spoken to Penelope earlier, and apparently Spencer was sleeping, having taken the day off from a day of consults. She'd been brief about his condition, other than assuring him that he was alive, okay and doing fine. Just tired, she'd said, and when he'd pressed her for more information she just told him that he and Spencer would talk tonight. Derek did not like the cryptic nature of the suggestion, feeling on edge and nervous. Briefly, he wondered if he'd done something wrong. Really, for Penelope to be there babysitting Spencer while he was home sick, did not sit well with him. She wouldn't drop everything if nothing was wrong. Worry gnawed at him as he flipped his phone open and shut over and over in a habitual movement. What could he have done? Before, he was certain things were going well, but now, he just wasn't sure. He kept his phone open for a minute and sighed, going through the motions to compose a new text as he heard the intercom announce that they'd be boarding soon. He fumbled with the num-pad and tapped out a short message to Spencer. Hey, txting in case ur still sleeping. Hope ur feeling better. I should be back in town by 9ish after all delays...I'll stop by when I get there? Be good, pretty boy.
He shut his phone off as he got up, getting in line to board behind a young couple, cradling their little girl. She peered at him over her mother's shoulder with big hazel eyes. He smiled at the little girl and gave a little wave with his finger, recieving a coo and a bright smile that hit Derek like a slap. After a moment, he realized what it was, meeting the young couple's eyes with a polite nod and smile. Jealousy.

Apr. 22nd, 2010 04:18 pm (UTC)

Derek was stiff, sore and cranky after the long flight, which had him sitting on the runway for an hour and circling over Virginia for another hour.He was glad he'd told Spencer he'd be back in the evening, not closer to seven when he was supposed to land. He picked up his car from short term parking, paid his fee, and headed home. Upon greeting a very happy dog and dumping his bags he treated Clooney to a quick run around the block to work off some stress before heading back to shower, change and head over to Spencer's. It was 9:15 by the time he was in the car and heading to Spencer's small apartment.
In the parking lot he sat in the car, stalling, nerves eating at him. What if everything wasn't okay? He took a deep breath and killed the ignition and got out, locking the doors behind him. He made his way up to Spencer's apartment and stood outside for a moment, hesitating before the door. He took another deep breath and firmly knocked on the door, waiting for an answer.

The door opened slowly, Spencer's face peeking out from the space, which widened when he saw him.
"Hey, welcome back." A small smile graced his face as Derek sized him up; darkish circles under his eyes, paler than usual, hair a little mussed, dressed in pajama pants and Derek's Northwestern Hoodie he'd "borrowed" months ago.
Derek smiled finally and stepped inside leaning in to kiss him gently on the lips, one hand squeezing Spencer's hands, the other stroking his cheek. "Mmm...it's good to be home." He said softly, resting his forehead against Spencer's in a gesture of affection, and worry, checking to see if he had a fever. The hand on his cheek moving to brush his hair back behind his ear. "How are you feeling?" He asked, instinctively kissing him again, feeling his hesitation and tension.
"Well.." He sighed and pulled away a little, a weak smile on his lips. He gave Derek's hands a gentle, leading tug and headed towards the couch, sitting down and tucking his legs up under him. Derek stood before him, eyebrow quirked, standing tense and anxious.
"Well? Spence...If something's wrong, you need to tell me, I'm...worried." He said, as Spencer patted the space beside him, Derek slowly sitting, trying to ready himself for whatever Spencer was going to throw at him; all of the horrific scenarios ran through his head, cancer, something had happened to his mother, he was having second thoughts, Strauss had found out and was trying to get them fired,he'd been struggling with Dilaudid again, that he just didn't feel anything for him anymore... "Spencer." He said again, giving him a determined look, needing answers.
((hahha your turn~!)

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