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Preggers!Spencer Round Robin

Hey!  So if I did this right, which I'm sure I am, you and I are the only ones able to see this post!  *Mauwahaaaa!*  Some rules apply.  No more than three posts a turn, if you can't get it out by three comment space's worth, then cut something down.  Any POV goes, so if it pleases you or me, we can play the doves or one of the supporting characters.  If you have a comment on the story, we can talk it out during a message on LJ.  And no pressure on when to respond, just do it when you can.  *g*  Hehe!  So...let the madness begin!


Spencer groaned after he finished throwing his guts up for the fourth morning in a round.  He grimaced and managed to raise himself to his knees.  He rested his knees on his small sink and turned on the water, cupping one of his hands to swoop water into his mouth.  Standing slowly, he flushed the toilet and left his bathroom.  He plopped down on his bed and studied the clock.  8 a.m.  Derek was supposed to be back from Chicago today.  He had to go there when one of his sisters, Desiree, got into a car accident.  They had tried to dissuade him from coming, Desiree saying that her leg was just broken, that she was fine, but Derek, ever the caring brother, refused to hear any arguments.  Said care even extended to Spencer, Derek noticing his nauseousness of late.  Before he rushed out the door, he kissed Spencer and said, "We're taking you to the doctor when I get back.  Can't have my pretty boy sick on my watch."

Spencer worried his bottom lip as his brain worked against him.  There was a perfectly logical yet illogical reason
to why he was feeling the way he had lately, but he didn't want to even enknowledge that ideaHe and Derek had only been together for six months.  Spencer closed his eyes as they blurred with tears.  What if this scares Derek away? his mind unhelpfully supplied. 

"No," Spencer spoke aloud softly.  "He was there for me when I went through detox with
Dilaudid when we first got together.  If he was there for that, then surely-"

His ringing phone jerked him from his slowly-growing panic.  Without looking at the ID, he answered shortly, "Spencer Reid."

"Hey Spencer!" Penelope
responded brightly.  "What's with the stiff greeting?"

Spencer wiped at his eyes quickly, as though she were standing right in front of him, and said, "It's nothing, Gar-Penelope.  Sorry.  So what's going on?"

He could practically hear the gears turning in her head.  Worry colored her voice as she asked, "You sound strange.  Is it because of this little stomach bug you've had lately?  Derek's been really worried about you."

Tears flooded his eyes again, and he fell back on the bed, his free hand unconsciously moving to stroke his stomach.  He swallowed hard against the large lump growing in his throat and replied in a choked voice, "I d-don't think it's a stomach bug, Penelope."

Her end was silent for a second before she gasped and said quickly, "I'll be right over!"


"Did you know that there are about 25,000 cases of male pregnancy each year in the US alone?"

Spencer looked at his friend, who studied him with the same worried expression she had had since she arrived.  They sat in his small living room, and he had been avoiding looking down at his small coffee, where they had placed the five different pregnancy tests.  He looked at his black TV screen and recited, "Of those cases, around 70% are successful.  Failures are mostly the results of miscarriages or abor-"

"Reid!"  Penelope exclaimed, causing him to jump.  She took one of his hands, tugging it softly, and he looked at her.  Her eyes were glittering and she asked softly, "Are you even a little bit happy about this?  This isn't something you can explain away or profile.  You can't hide behind your wall of numbers and creepy little facts."

He felt his chin tremble as he cried, "How can I, when there are so many odds against me?  My body type isn't ideal for carrying a baby, not to mention the sheer amount of stress my job puts me through on a day to day basis."  

Penelope pulled him into her arms and he let her, crying into the soft juncture between her neck and shoulder.  She rubbed his back in a soothing pattern and pace, murmuring, "Oh, my baby genius, you have to have faith.  You have to believe this will work itself out.  You can talk to Hotch and make arrangements, staying behind in the local offices when you travel.  And when you get into your third trimester, you can hang back with me.  Don't forget, you have an entire team and one protective baby daddy that will move heaven and earth for you and your little one."

Spencer couldn't help but smile as she spoke.  He sniffed and chuckled, "How is it you seem to have all the answers to life?"

He felt her press a kiss onto the top of his head.  "You forget, my dove, I am the goddess of all things worth knowing.  It's my duty to know these things."

The egg timer dinged and pulled them from their tender moment.  Spencer pulled away from Penelope's warm hug and picked up one of the tests, seeing her follow suit from the corner of his eye.  Studying the tiny stripe, he made out the definitive answer: a tiny pink plus sign.  He looked over to Penelope and asked, "Positive?"

She nodded and they looked down at the remaining tests, all saying the same thing.  Spencer placed his hands, one still holding a test, on his stomach and murmured, "Hello in there."

Your turn!  Remember: no pressure on when to respond.  Hope I gave you some food for thought!


Apr. 23rd, 2010 08:01 am (UTC)
Spencer stood as Ethan made his way off the stage and towards him. He shrugged his duffel bag on his shoulder and picked up his smaller bag from its place at his feet. When Ethan reached where he was sitting, he shook his head and said, "As much as I love being your confidant, why is it only when you have problems, that you come to my neck of the woods?"

Spencer shifted the weight of the duffel bag bag, saying softly, "I'm sorry, Ethan, but you were-"

"It's all right, Spence," Ethan said, cutting him off with a hand wave. He reached over to take Spencer's duffel bag and commented, "You look like hell, by the way. So how about the two of us go back to my place and eat some red beans and rice with cornbread? And then after you've had a good night's sleep, we can talk about what's buggin' you. Sound like a plan?"

Spencer nodded wordlessly, following his friend out of the bar.


"You have no idea."

Emily frowned at the defeated tone in her friend's voice. She rubbed his shoulder and suggest, "So why don't we go back to your place and have those drinks and I'll order us some take-out?"

Derek tried to give a half-hearted "Nah, you don't have to do that" but Emily wouldn't hear it. They gathered their things, waving in the direction of Hotch's office, and headed toward the BAU lobby. Once in the parking garage, they split and headed to their respective vehicles. Emily followed Derek to his place and called a good Chinese place. After finding out that they did deliver to Derek's neighborhood, she ordered some of her favorites for two. She gave them Derek's address and apartment number before hanging up the phone. She followed him as he turned into his apartment complex. She parked in a space designated for visitors and turned off the engine. She climbed out of her car and called to Derek, "I ordered us some Chinese on the way over!"

He nodded, heading towards his apartment door. Each building of the complex held three bunches of four apartments. Derek was on the ground floor. She smiled when she heard barking and scratching at his door. He unlocked it and opened it slowly, saying, "Get back, Clooney, you goofy mutt!"

Emily grinned when she saw the cute black Scottish terrier bouncing around her and Derek's ankles. She squatted down after Derek closed the door and cooed, petting the dog's silky fur, "Oh my goodness, aren't you adorable? Yes, you are, you little cute baby boy!"

Derek snorted, "Don't let his cute act fool you. He can be the spawn of Satan at times. Shit, just last weekend, he ate Spencer's..."

Emily looked up as Derek trailed off and headed to the kitchen. Emily stood up and followed him, saying, "So this..mood you're in, it has to do with Reid, doesn't it?"

She could tell he thought about lying for a second but instead he just nodded. As he pulled open his refrigerator, Emily remarked, "You know, JJ and I know about you and Reid."

Derek's head shot up and she cringed as it barely missed the edge of the freezer door. She could tell by his panic what he was thinking and she quickly said, "Hotch doesn't know, of course. He's too caught up with work and his problems with Haley to notice anything else."

His shoulders visibly shagged with relief. He grabbed two Guinnesses and handed her one. She just held hers while Derek opened his and drained half of it in one pull. Emily frowned but waited, sensing that he really needed to speak. He leaned against the counter and looked down at the bottle in his hands. After a moment, he mumbled, "Something's up with Spencer, but I can't figure out what it is."

Emily opened the beer Derek offered and took a small sip, asking, "What's his behavior been like?"

Derek took another sip from his beer before saying, "Distant. Doesn't really want me touching him. Then this trip to Vegas? Reid hasn't mentioned anything about his mother lately, and now all the sudden, he wants to go to Vegas for two weeks and spend time with her."

"Do you think he actually went to there?" Emily asked, feeling bad about casting doubt on Reid's intentions.

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