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The Past | The Future

Preggers!Spencer Round Robin

Hey!  So if I did this right, which I'm sure I am, you and I are the only ones able to see this post!  *Mauwahaaaa!*  Some rules apply.  No more than three posts a turn, if you can't get it out by three comment space's worth, then cut something down.  Any POV goes, so if it pleases you or me, we can play the doves or one of the supporting characters.  If you have a comment on the story, we can talk it out during a message on LJ.  And no pressure on when to respond, just do it when you can.  *g*  Hehe!  So...let the madness begin!


Spencer groaned after he finished throwing his guts up for the fourth morning in a round.  He grimaced and managed to raise himself to his knees.  He rested his knees on his small sink and turned on the water, cupping one of his hands to swoop water into his mouth.  Standing slowly, he flushed the toilet and left his bathroom.  He plopped down on his bed and studied the clock.  8 a.m.  Derek was supposed to be back from Chicago today.  He had to go there when one of his sisters, Desiree, got into a car accident.  They had tried to dissuade him from coming, Desiree saying that her leg was just broken, that she was fine, but Derek, ever the caring brother, refused to hear any arguments.  Said care even extended to Spencer, Derek noticing his nauseousness of late.  Before he rushed out the door, he kissed Spencer and said, "We're taking you to the doctor when I get back.  Can't have my pretty boy sick on my watch."

Spencer worried his bottom lip as his brain worked against him.  There was a perfectly logical yet illogical reason
to why he was feeling the way he had lately, but he didn't want to even enknowledge that ideaHe and Derek had only been together for six months.  Spencer closed his eyes as they blurred with tears.  What if this scares Derek away? his mind unhelpfully supplied. 

"No," Spencer spoke aloud softly.  "He was there for me when I went through detox with
Dilaudid when we first got together.  If he was there for that, then surely-"

His ringing phone jerked him from his slowly-growing panic.  Without looking at the ID, he answered shortly, "Spencer Reid."

"Hey Spencer!" Penelope
responded brightly.  "What's with the stiff greeting?"

Spencer wiped at his eyes quickly, as though she were standing right in front of him, and said, "It's nothing, Gar-Penelope.  Sorry.  So what's going on?"

He could practically hear the gears turning in her head.  Worry colored her voice as she asked, "You sound strange.  Is it because of this little stomach bug you've had lately?  Derek's been really worried about you."

Tears flooded his eyes again, and he fell back on the bed, his free hand unconsciously moving to stroke his stomach.  He swallowed hard against the large lump growing in his throat and replied in a choked voice, "I d-don't think it's a stomach bug, Penelope."

Her end was silent for a second before she gasped and said quickly, "I'll be right over!"


"Did you know that there are about 25,000 cases of male pregnancy each year in the US alone?"

Spencer looked at his friend, who studied him with the same worried expression she had had since she arrived.  They sat in his small living room, and he had been avoiding looking down at his small coffee, where they had placed the five different pregnancy tests.  He looked at his black TV screen and recited, "Of those cases, around 70% are successful.  Failures are mostly the results of miscarriages or abor-"

"Reid!"  Penelope exclaimed, causing him to jump.  She took one of his hands, tugging it softly, and he looked at her.  Her eyes were glittering and she asked softly, "Are you even a little bit happy about this?  This isn't something you can explain away or profile.  You can't hide behind your wall of numbers and creepy little facts."

He felt his chin tremble as he cried, "How can I, when there are so many odds against me?  My body type isn't ideal for carrying a baby, not to mention the sheer amount of stress my job puts me through on a day to day basis."  

Penelope pulled him into her arms and he let her, crying into the soft juncture between her neck and shoulder.  She rubbed his back in a soothing pattern and pace, murmuring, "Oh, my baby genius, you have to have faith.  You have to believe this will work itself out.  You can talk to Hotch and make arrangements, staying behind in the local offices when you travel.  And when you get into your third trimester, you can hang back with me.  Don't forget, you have an entire team and one protective baby daddy that will move heaven and earth for you and your little one."

Spencer couldn't help but smile as she spoke.  He sniffed and chuckled, "How is it you seem to have all the answers to life?"

He felt her press a kiss onto the top of his head.  "You forget, my dove, I am the goddess of all things worth knowing.  It's my duty to know these things."

The egg timer dinged and pulled them from their tender moment.  Spencer pulled away from Penelope's warm hug and picked up one of the tests, seeing her follow suit from the corner of his eye.  Studying the tiny stripe, he made out the definitive answer: a tiny pink plus sign.  He looked over to Penelope and asked, "Positive?"

She nodded and they looked down at the remaining tests, all saying the same thing.  Spencer placed his hands, one still holding a test, on his stomach and murmured, "Hello in there."

Your turn!  Remember: no pressure on when to respond.  Hope I gave you some food for thought!


Apr. 29th, 2010 07:38 pm (UTC)
Derek nuzzled his shoulder and got Spencer to turn around, settling his linked hands on his lower back to keep him close and kissed away his tears. "You will get through this, you always do, we always do." He said, resting their foreheads against each other. "Use what you feel and focus it towards nailing this bastard."
Spencer sniffled and smiled, rubbing their noses together affectionately before boldly kissing him on the steps of the Idaho precinct. He wrapped his arms around his neck and sighed. "Thank you."
Derek smiled and let him rest his face against the crook of his neck, raising one hand to bury in his soft hair.
"Morgan? Are you out here--Oh." Hotch stopped, half out the door and looked a smidge sheepish.
"Yeah, Hotch?" Morgan asked, keeping a tight hold of Spencer who was desperately trying to squirm away.
"I need you and Prentiss on the road to Troy with Prentiss to check out the school of the third victim."
"Yes, sir." He said, nodding, letting go of Spencer reluctantly. "You good now, pretty-boy?" he asked, getting a nod.
"Go, I'm fine. I promise." He said as Derek kissed him again, not caring that Hotch was still hovering in the doorway.


The strain was beginning to show as their sixth victim crossed from being an object of hope to a dim statistic--they all knew under 5 percent of stranger-abducted children last beyond 24 hours.

And when it was finally over, Thomas Kiley had taken six lives. It was amazing how people could blend in a small town, and not stick out until after the pieces had fallen into place. Kiley, a local photographer and volunteer soccer referee had been at all of the victims soccer games, practices, and frequented the local parks. A print had been lifted from the button of the fifth victim's jeans and a hit had finally popped up in their databases, to a Colin DeWitt, a man from Georgia who had escaped the title of Sexual Predator when the victim in Georgia's family recanted. He was apprehended with the sixth victim still in possession.

The trip back to Quantico was a somber one to say the least.


Despite the emotional toll, the team recovered, jumping headfirst back into their work. The cases that ended badly always ended up lighting a fire under them that made them work harder.

Spencer sat at his desk in the bullpen, going over the files regarding the case in Idaho. He paused a moment and rummaged in his desk drawer, filled with parts and pieces to physics magic, candy, snacks, etc and produced a twinkie. He tugged at the cellophane wrapper and sniffed at the questionable confection. He bit off the tip and chewed thoughtfully, nose crinkling. "Ugh." He said, swallowing the bite.
"What?" Derek turned in his chair, looking at him in confusion.
"I haven't had a twinkie since I was like...seven." Spencer said, taking another bite, with a half-grimace.
"From the looks of it, you had a good reason to." He smirked as his lover took another bite.
"It's so bad, but I keep thinking it'll get better."
"Really? And how's that working for you?"
"It's sooooo bad but....soooo goood." He said, stressing the words as he finished the snack.


Derek and Spencer met with their Realtor after work, taking the time to preview a few houses. Their Realtor was a lovely young woman named Janet, who was recommended by Dr. Palmer's office, so they didn't have to deal with any awkward looks.
"So, I have three houses to show y'all," She said, shaking their hands and smiling. "You think you can handle it? Y'all look exhausted."
"I think we can handle three." Spencer said, looking to Derek who nodded happily.
"Now, I'll save the best for last, how's that sound?" She said as they got into her SUV.

Apr. 29th, 2010 08:37 pm (UTC)
After an hour, they pulled up to the third house, set back and surrounded by tall, spindly pine trees, with a curving path leading up to the front of the house. Spencer squeezed Derek's hand as they walked up the path to the gorgeous front porch, with its brick flooring, and white rocking chairs set against picture windows with evergreen shutters. Derek squeezed back as they headed through the front door, as Janet laughed.
"I told you it was a good one."
They toured the home, with its 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, updated kitchen, the den, the family room, the library and 2 car garage, and porches.
"So? What do you think?" She asked, standing with them in the family room.
Spencer looked hopefully to Derek, holding onto his arm. "It's beautiful."
Derek tried to be rational and looked to Janet. "How much again?"
"465." She said as he winced. "But, with some luck, we might be able to get them down to 440."
Derek looked around at the brick fireplace, built in bookshelves, and picture windows. It needed some work, but not much. "Babe...I don't know." He answered honestly, as Spencer frowned and nodded.
"Call Emily and Penelope, they're neutral forces." He smiled, and obeyed.


Prentiss was finishing her paperwork when her Cell rang. She groaned, hoping it wasn't JJ, or that girl from a few weeks ago from that failed blind date. She sighed in relief seeing Derek's number displayed and picked up.
"What's up?" She said, pinching the phone between her ear and her shoulder, scanning through the consultation that had been on her desk all evening.
"Hey, are you busy?" He asked as she frowned.
"Not particularly, why?"
"Can you do me a favor? Can you gather Garcia and meet us at a house we're looking at...We need some opinions."
"Oh yeah? What's it get me?" She asked, smiling, already getting up and packing her things away in her desk.
"How about Chinese Food--" She heard Spencer veto that automatically. "Pizza--" Another veto. "Whatever food Spencer is going to say yes to." An adorable tone of annoyance in his voice.
"Yeah, yeah. Sounds good. What's the address?" She jotted it down on a post it and grabbed her purse. "Alright, we'll be there ASAP."

She hung up and wandered to Garcia's lair, knocking gently on the door.
"What do you desire from the great and powerful Oz?" She yelled as Emily stuck her head in, unable to hide a smile.
"How's a road trip sound?" She asked as Garcia looked over her shoulder and smiled.
"Morgan and Reid are house shopping and need a second set of eyes." She said as the blonde analyst clapped her hands excitedly and armed her system and grabbed her pocketbook.
"Oh, my doves, they grow up so fast." She said wistfully, walking towards Emily. "I'll drive. Have you met Esther?" She smiled and lead the Agent to the garage.

Apr. 29th, 2010 08:37 pm (UTC)

"I like, Esther." Emily said, settling into the passenger seat of the vintage, sunset orange convertible, who was apparently Esther. She smiled softly as Garcia switched playlists, a sweet sounding Scottish accent coming through the tinny speakers.
"I also like Camera Obscura." She said as Garcia looked at her out of the corner of her eyes.
"I thought you would." She said, smirking, merging onto I95.


They parked behind the realtor's SUV, looking at each other as they took in the house.
"They need help saying yes?" Garcia sighed, looking at the picturesque setting.
"Maybe it's a dump inside." Emily laughed and hopped out of Esther, walking with Garcia up the drive.

Spencer was Sitting in one of the rocking chairs, swaying gently, eyes closed, smiling, while Derek inspected the porch and the walk.
"Sweetness, this place is gorgeous." Penelope gushed as she reached him, kissing both of his cheeks upon enveloping him in a hug. He smiled and looked to Emily.
"Okay, so you're the voice of reason then." He said, taking Garcia by the arm and leading her inside.
Emily followed the two inside, reaching to ruffle Spencer's hair as she passed, his hand reaching up to catch her wrist, smiling wryly. They laughed and he followed her inside, spouting details about the house from the information sheet.

After the grand tour, all three of them were looking at Emily expectantly.
"How did this all end up on me?" She asked, laughing as she leaned against the window.
"Because, you're the rational one. The queen of compartmentalization." Derek said, his arms around both Garcia and Spencer's waists.
"Well, it could use a little updating. Kitchen needs some work, those cabinets are god awful...but...the rest of it..." She shook her head and smiled. "The location is great. I mean, there's a lake down the road. Guys...this is a house you raise a family in."

Derek looked at both Garcia and Spencer looking up at him expectantly. "Well...I guess that settles it." He turned to Janet who was giving them their space to decide without pressure. "How soon can we put in an offer?"

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