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My Favorite Welcome Home

Title: My Favorite Welcome Home
Author: berryblue_girl
Rating: G
Genre/Warnings: Derek/Spencer slash
Summary: Derek yawned and grabbed his go-bag from the overhead compartment.
Disclaimer: I don't own the show or the doves, and ain't that sad?
Author's Note: Inspired by
[info]comment_fic  prompt: Criminal Minds, Morgan/Reid, my favorite welcome home.  Enjoy!

Derek yawned and grabbed his go-bag from the overhead compartment. He pulled his cellphone from his pocket and checked the time. It was only a few minutes past nine, which meant Spencer might still be up. He hadn't been cleared for air travel because of his knee, forcing him to stay behind with Garcia. She sent Derek a text message at one point during the case, saying that even though she adored Spencer, she couldn't wait to have her bunker back to herself.

While everyone shuffled towards the exit, Derek took a moment to send Spencer a text message before exiting the plane. He waited a moment for a reply to no avail. He stuffed his phone back in his pocket and filed out behind Prentiss. Everyone exchanged sleepy goodbyes before they headed to their vehicles. Derek's hip began to vibrate as he climbed inside his SUV, tossing his bag in the floorboard. He dug his cellphone back out and flipped it open.

"Hey, pretty boy. You still awake?"

"You know I'm a night owl," Spencer replied with a chuckle. "Besides, I ordered us some take-out. Thought we could stay up late and watch a couple movies?"

Derek smiled as he turned on the SUV. "Sounds great. I'll be home soon."


Clooney greeted him as soon as he walked inside with enthusiastic barks and nudges with his nose at Derek's free hand and legs. Derek tossed his go-bag on the floor and squatted down to pet his overly-excited Scottish Terrier. Clooney gave him happy licks on his cheeks and chin, Derek running his fingers through his silky black fur and almost cooing, "Yeah, that's my boy! That's Daddy's boy! You miss me? Did Clooney miss his daddy?"

Soft chuckles pulled Derek's attention away from Clooney. He looked up and saw Spencer standing near their small kitchen, a bulging bag of takeout in one crutch-encumbered hand. Spencer adjusted his weight on his crutches and said, "Welcome home."

Derek smiled and moved closer to him, giving him a soft kiss and relieving him of the large bag. Taking a peek inside, he grinned and teased, "Pretty boy, did you order everything on the menu?"

"No, just all your favorites," Spencer replied, hobbling his way to their bedroom. "I know how hungry you get after cases."

Derek followed him, his eyes eagerly taking in Spencer's figure. It took him a moment, but he soon recognized his St. Patrick's Day sleeping pants on Spencer's lanky hips. As Spencer carefully settled into their bed, Derek set their food on the bed and began to undress. He stripped down to his boxers before climbing in next to Spencer. They sat in a comfortable silence as they organized the containers between them. Derek reached over to tug on the sleeve of his Northwestern shirt and remarked, "Nice clothes you got on. I swear I've seen them somewhere before."

Spencer's reply spoke to how much he had changed since they had gotten together. When they first get together, he would have launched into an explanation of the correlations between memory and objects without having admitted the obvious and simple fact. Now, he just grabbed a container of noddles and a fork and replied softly, "I missed you."

Derek grinned and reached for his own container of noddles, mumbling, "Missed you, too, pretty boy."

A/N: Hope you enjoyed!  I promise to have Adoration done soon!
Tags: category: slash, fandom: criminal minds, fanfiction, pairing: derek/spencer, prompt: comment_fic, rating: g
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