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Staringout Prompts #1

Title: A Trio of Christmas Ficlets
Author: berryblue_girl
Rating: PG
Genre/Warnings: Derek/Spencer slash
Summary: Based on the prompts, "Dark chocolate, Frank Sinatra, and a dusting of snow", "I haven't done this since I was a kid", and "a smoldering fire, a watch, and a broken candy cane".
Disclaimer: I don't own the show or the characters, and ain't that sad?
Author's Note: The following prompts are from the lovely community
[info]staringout and are for my buddy, [info]topetine , as a get well soon/happy birthday package.  I hope she and anyone else who reads these enjoys them!  Comments are like toasty Derek Morgan kisses!

~dark chocolate, Frank Sinatra, and a dusting of snow~

Spencer had been content to sleep the day away.  The past two months had not been kind, and he had wanted to weep in relief when Hotch announced he had secured them two weeks vacation just in time for Christmas.  He and Derek had been excited because this would be their first Christmas together as a couple.  The team members who had been around for the Fisher King case hoped in the back of their minds no such thing would happen this time.

Spencer's stomach rumbled loudly once again, his body protesting to his trying to sleep in.  He rolled on his back and stretched out his limbs.  He frowned as he felt at Derek's side of the bed and found that it was empty.  He sat up, his body shivering as it emerged from from his warm cocoon of blankets.  Slipping his feet into his house shoes, he padded to their closet and snagged Derek's Northwestern hoodie, sighing and grinning like a fool as he breathed in Derek's scent.  He headed down the hallway and his stomach rumbled again as he smelled breakfast cooking.  He peeked around the corner and grinned when he spotted Derek in the kitchen in a long-sleeved gray thermal, black boxers, and his "Kiss the Cook" apron.  Clooney sat on the floor at Derek's feet, licking his chops and staring up at him with that "give me some" look.

Spencer headed to the living room toward Derek's stereo system.  He found the CD he was looking for and slipped it into the player, adjusting the volume ever so slightly.  Frank Sinatra's voice crooned over the speakers and Spencer moved to the stockings hanging over the fireplace.  He plucked the large plastic candy cane filled dark chocolate Hershey kisses from his stocking.  He then curled up on the couch, content to watch the cracking fire and eat his candy.

Just as he had opened the plastic candy cane and began to roll a chocolate kiss around in his mouth, he heard a deep chuckle followed by, "Chocolate for breakfast, pretty?"

Spencer turned to look behind him and saw Derek standing there, smiling.  He got on his knees and hobbled in front of Derek to bestow a chocolate-flavored kiss on his lips.  Derek moaned lightly and wrapped his arms around Spencer's waist, murmuring, "Mmm, yummy.  Dark chocolate kisses."

"Yes, well," Spencer replied between kisses, "I'm your apron's...request."

Derek grinned and kissed the tip of his nose.  They stayed like that for a few minutes, Spencer nuzzling to fit his head underneath Derek's neck.  He felt Derek press soft kisses on the top of his head and his voice rumble in his chest as he remarked, "The weather channel says we should get at least six inches of snow today.  It's already snowing."

Spencer pulled back, his body filling with excitement, and rushed to the window, tripping over the arm of the couch.  He grinned when he saw a thin layer of snow covering the ground.  Derek came up behind him and Spencer leaned back, enthusing, "Perhaps later we can build a snowman and make angel snows?"

Derek rolled his eyes but replied, "Whatever you want, pretty boy."

~"I haven't done this since I was a kid."~

Derek shivered as he finished the head of the snowman.  He looked around to see Spencer, completely bundled up, examining the branches of one of the trees for the "perfect arms for Sherlock".  Derek shook his head and chuckled at his lover's child-like examinations of the branches, before carefully lifting Sherlock's head from the ground to place it on top of his mid-section.  Just as he had finished, he heard Spencer cry out in triumph and turned to see him remove two strudy-looking branches from the tree.  As he broke off smaller twigs along the length, he said, "Did you know that the largest snowman on record was built in Bethel, Maine in 2008?  Actually it was a snow-woman, Olympia, standing 122 feet and one inch tall.  She was named for Olympia Snowe, a U.S. Senator representing Maine."

"No, I didn't," Derek replied, shaking his gloves free of snow.

He watched Spencer as he carefully placed the "arms" on Sherlock's torso, walking away several times to observe it.  Derek just watched him, bemused with his behavior.  Spencer then began to pull items from his coat pocket with which to decorate Sherlock.  He handed Derek several stones, which he used to make the eyes (that Spencer adjusted) and his buttons ("Make sure they are all perfectly vertical.").  Spencer, meanwhile, dressed him with a detective hat, one of his scarves, and a carrot nose.  After all was said and done, they stood back and studied the finished product.  Derek pulled Spencer close and nuzzled his chilly neck with his equally chilly nose and said, "I haven't done this since I was a kid."

"What?" Spencer asked with a shiver.  "Build a snowman?"

Derek nodded, unable to stop his dark thoughts.  "After my dad died, Mom wasn't able to keep up with the house payments, and we...had to move.  Our first Christmas at the apartment, I built one in the small courtyard, but later, I peeked outside to check on it and someone had smashed it."

Spencer turned in his arms and Derek looked down, embarrassed for ruining the light mood.  He felt Spencer move to link their hands together and listened to him say, "Well, I never had snow in Vegas, but I had a sandbox.  So I would make sandmen."

Derek couldn't stop the smile that spread across his face and looked up to see an identical one on Spencer's.  He quirked an eyebrow and repeated, "Sandmen?"

"Yes!" Spencer laughed.  "I would make whole families each year.  I even found tiny pebbles and stones to make the buttons."

Derek smiled, imagining a little Spencer in his backyard, making sand families.  Spencer bounced a little bit and said, "There's one more thing I want to do."

"Oh, and what's that?"

Spencer moved them away from Sherlock then let go of Derek's hands, falling back onto the snow.  Derek laughed as he watched Spencer move his arms and legs in a sweeping motion.  After a few minutes, Spencer finally stopped and held his hands up, Derek bending slightly to pull him up.  Spencer turned around quickly to examine his snow angel.  He turned back, his teeth chattering as he said, "I-it's p-perf-fect!"

Derek pulled him close and moved them around the angel, saying, "All right, then let's get you inside before you freeze to death."

~A smoldering fire, a watch, and a broken candy cane~

Spencer smiled as the credits to A Christmas Story began to roll.  After they changed out of their snow-soaked clothes, they grabbed two thick quilts from the hall closet and settled on the couch for a marathon of Christmas movies.  After Spencer turned off the TV, Derek kissed the side of his head before standing up to add another log to the dwindling fire.  Spencer quickly reached under the couch to retrieve Derek's hidden gift.  Spencer had been waiting all day for the right moment to give Derek his special gift.  It had took him a while to figure out what to get him, but after a late night conversation at his mother's home, he finally decided.  Derek had a couple drinks and told Spencer about the night his father was shot.  Derek started to cry when he told Spencer how, after the thug had shot his father, he stole the watch his father had been given the year Derek was born.  Spencer remember aching that night as Derek actually broke down, crying about how guilty he had felt that he hadn't stopped the murdering bastard.

Spencer adjusted the silver bow on the small black box just as Derek turned back to the couch.  Arching an eyebrow and moving to sit back down, he gestured at the gift and commented, "I thought we were done exchanging gifts?"

"This one is special," Spencer replied, handing the box over to his lover.  "Merry Christmas, Derek."

Derek smiled and lift the small lid.  The slick black leather shone softly from the flickering light from the fire and the golden lettering Seiko seemed to glitter so ever slightly.  Derek's head shot back up to Spencer and he breathed, "Is this...?"

"Open it!" Spencer insisted with a grin.

Derek pulled the case from the box and opened the lid.  He gasped and Spencer bit his lip at the reaction.  Spencer had studied a few pictures of Derek's father and his watch and asked his mother a few questions about the details.  Spencer had almost given up hope on finding one until a week ago, a vintage watch collector called him.  He gave him a 1973 Seiko with a black dial and a black leather band.  When Derek looked up again from the watch, his eyes were glossy from tears.


Spencer shrugged.  "I just made a few phone calls and called in some favors.  I know it won't replace the one you lost, but-"

Spencer's words were cut short as Derek pulled him in for a fiery kiss.  He moaned loudly at the raw emotions he felt and chose to ignore the salty taste of tears.  They finally broke the kiss after a moment, gasping as they rested their foreheads against each other's.  Derek was the first to speak, whispering, "Spencer...I can't even begin to tell you how much this means to me.  Thank you so much."

Spencer adjusted his position on the couch and hissed when he felt something poke into his ass.  He stood and Derek laughed when they saw a broken candy cane protruding from between the couch cushions.  Spencer shook his head before holding out a hand for Derek to take.  Derek stood and Spencer squeezed their joined hands, murmuring, "Why don't we head to the bedroom and I can tell you of one way you can thank me?"

Derek leaned forward to give him another passion-filled kiss, whispering against his lips, "Lead the way, pretty boy."

[info]topetine , I hope these cheered you up some!  Get well soon and happy, happy birthday!
Tags: category: slash, fandom: criminal minds, fanfiction, pairing: derek/spencer, prompt: staringout, rating: pg
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