August 24th, 2010

Random Girl and her Beast

Breakin' Up is Hard to Do!

Title: Breakin' Up is Hard to Do!
Author: berryblue_girl 
Rating: let's call it PG-13 for language
Genre/Warnings: RPF (Real Person Fic) Me/Taylor Kitsch, Me/Matthew Gray Gubler, Matthew Gray Gubler/Shemar Moore
Summary: I have to have a little chat with Matthew to let him know that we are through.
Disclaimer: I'm just a simple fan girl on creative crack! Don't judge me too harshly. Also, this is a work of pure, insane fiction. I don't believe either of these men would be remotely interested in me in real life, that Mr. Gubler or Mr. Moore are gay, or do I believe they act as they do in my silly story. I mean no offense! This story is just like that episode of "The Golden Girls" where Dorothy had Lyle Waggoner and Sonny Bono fighting over her.
Author's Note- This work of stupidity was inspired by the following conversation between myself and momma_66  about Taylor Kitsch:
berryblue_girl: Now all I have to do is tell Matthew he's been replaced. *sighs* Wow, that is going to be awkward.
blinksum316: Let him down gently.
berryblue_girl: Yeah, it's best that way.
berryblue_girl: I just hope Taylor doesn't show up because then things will get tense.
blinksum316: It'll be okay they're mature adults.

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