September 6th, 2010

Random Girl and her Beast

A Sick-day Birthday

Title: A Sick-day Birthday
Author: berryblue_girl
Rating: Let's call it PG light, for a cuss word
Genre/Warnings: Logan/Remy with Jubilee fluffiness
Summary: Just because you're sick, that doesn't mean your birthday is doomed.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the comic.  If I did...lots more slash for Logan and Remy. *wicked grin*
Author's Note- Holy cray, I know!  A totally new fandom from me!  I'm pretty stoked about this ficlet, as it is my first start into my
schmoop_bingo  card.  Hugs and kisses to my dearest buddies and pals, momma_66  and gothabilly13 for their wonderful words of encouragement.  I hope everyone enjoys this!

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