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Breakin' Up is Hard to Do!

Title: Breakin' Up is Hard to Do!
Author: berryblue_girl 
Rating: let's call it PG-13 for language
Genre/Warnings: RPF (Real Person Fic) Me/Taylor Kitsch, Me/Matthew Gray Gubler, Matthew Gray Gubler/Shemar Moore
Summary: I have to have a little chat with Matthew to let him know that we are through.
Disclaimer: I'm just a simple fan girl on creative crack! Don't judge me too harshly. Also, this is a work of pure, insane fiction. I don't believe either of these men would be remotely interested in me in real life, that Mr. Gubler or Mr. Moore are gay, or do I believe they act as they do in my silly story. I mean no offense! This story is just like that episode of "The Golden Girls" where Dorothy had Lyle Waggoner and Sonny Bono fighting over her.
Author's Note- This work of stupidity was inspired by the following conversation between myself and momma_66  about Taylor Kitsch:
berryblue_girl: Now all I have to do is tell Matthew he's been replaced. *sighs* Wow, that is going to be awkward.
blinksum316: Let him down gently.
berryblue_girl: Yeah, it's best that way.
berryblue_girl: I just hope Taylor doesn't show up because then things will get tense.
blinksum316: It'll be okay they're mature adults.


I bit my lip as I studied my phone with trepidation. I had been avoiding this conversation for weeks, but deep inside, I knew it wasn't fair to everyone involved. Finally I took a deep breathe and touched the Twitter icon on my LG Ally. I waited a moment as the home screen loaded before selecting "My Profile". After that, I selected "Following" and scrolled until I found his profile. I then tapped the small arrow next to his name and selected "Direct Message".

@GUBLERNATION: Hey, we need to talk. Can you fly here sometime soon?

I went to take a shower and get ready for the talk. By the time that I had finished getting dressed, I checked my phone and read the reply: @Other_Girl Sure! I'll fly out as soon as we finish shooting. I decided to distract myself by watching Out Cold and The Hangover. By the time I had finished, there was a knock at my apartment door. I turned off the TV and cursed under my breath. I stood from my spot on the couch and shuffled toward the door. I opened it to reveal Matthew and his smiling face, which made what I had to do that much harder. I accepted his kiss and listened to him say, "I was glad to get out of LA. Things on set are still tense now that AJ is gone."

I licked my lips and replied, "Yeah, that really sucks."

I tucked my hands into the back pockets of my jeans and watched him as he made his way to my tiny kitchen. He poured himself a glass of tea and hummed in pleasure as he took a sip. He smiled at me and chuckled, "I always miss your tea when I'm in LA. I try to make it like you, but it never comes out right."

"Could you come here? We really need to talk."

I sat back down on the couch and patted the cushion next to mine. He frowned but complied, sitting down on the proffered spot. He ran his fingers through his short locks and asked, "What's going on, Sarah? You're really starting to worry me."

I tucked my thumbs through the belt loops of my jeans and looked down at my toes, their black nail polish gleaming in the light. I exhaled harshly through my nose and wished like hell that I hadn't smoked my last cigarette earlier. Not looking at him, I replied softly, "I don't know if this is going to work out, Matt."

I heard him scoff and ask, "What are you talking about? I thought things were fine between us."

"But we hardly see each other," I threw back, finally looking at him. "Even in hiatus of your show, you take off and don't even ask if I would like to come along."

Matthew looked apologetic, which made this even harder. Just as he opened his mouth to say more, there was another knock at my door. Oh, fuck! I panicked. He wasn't supposed to show up until later! Shit! Matthew's eyes narrowed and he asked, "Sarah, who's that?"

I must have looked like a fish with my mouth flapping open and shut. There was another knock, followed back, "Sarah! It's Taylor, open up, babe!"

"Taylor?" Matthew repeated. "Sarah, what the hell is going on?"

I jumped up just as Taylor opened the door, saying, "Hey, what's going-"

He stopped short when he saw Matthew. He looked at me with a sheepish grimace and cursed, "Shit, I'm sorry. I forgot that you said you were telling him tonight."

I ran my fingers through my hair as Matthew jumped up as well, snapping at me, "Sarah, would you care to explain why Taylor Kitsch is in your apartment?"

I bit my lip and replied, "This is why I asked you to come here. I...I've moved on, Matt...with Taylor."

Matthew's jaw dropped and his cheeks quickly turned a ruddy shade of red. Taylor shut the door and stood back, folding his arms across his chest. Matthew looked back and forth between us before settling on me and exclaiming, "You said you couldn't stand his show! That it had a ridiculous premise and only encouraged the negative stereotypes about Texans!"

"Well, I'm more than my TV show, guy," Taylor snarked.

"Taylor, please!" I groaned, looking back at Matthew, who was looking equal parts pissed and hurt. I shuffled my feet and said, "Taylor's a great guy, and he makes time for me. And he actually wants to be with me."

Matthew assumed a stance similar to Taylor's and snapped, "And what is that supposed to mean? I want you, Sarah. I haven't cheated on you!"

I arched an eyebrow and snorted, "Matthew, I'm not stupid. The one time you brought me to the set, you maybe spent five minutes introducing me to people before you disappeared."

"I got called for a meeting with the episode's director," Matthew mumbled, suddenly not so feisty.

I opened my mouth to say more but then remembered Taylor. I looked at him and asked softly, "Could you wait outside for a minute or something? We need some privacy."

He nodded and stepped back outside. I waited until the door snapped shut before saying, "Matthew, I went looking for you and found you and Shemar together. And it didn't look like you two were running lines together."

His face paled considerably and I quickly said, "I've never told anyone, not even Taylor. But I think it's time we put an end to this relationship, when we clearly desire other people."

Matthew's eyes grew glossy and he whispered roughly, "I never meant to hurt you. But there's always been this-"

"Matty, you don't have to explain yourself to me!" I replied, grinning. "You can't help who you fall in love with."

He smiled and quickly moved to pull me into his arms. We stood there for a moment in a comfortable silence. I pulled back after a moment and teased, "Just promise me in season six that I will get some Morgan and Reid scenes to slash to my heart's content and we'll call it even."

Matthew snorted and grinned, saying, "You are truly a very strange and wonderful person."

I shrugged. "I try."

He kissed my forehead and slid his hands down to take mine. He look serious for a moment before asking, "Does he make you happy?"

"Very much so," I replied, unable to control my girly grin.

"Good," he replied, squeezing my hands. "You deserve nothing but the best."

We hugged again before I headed to the door, opening it and sticking my head outside. Taylor was sitting on the stairs and smoking a cigarette. He turned to look at me and asked, "Everything cool?"

I nodded and replied cheerfully, "Everything is great."
A/N- So...whatcha think?  Besides, "Why isn't this girl on medication?"  XD

Tags: category: het, category: slash, fandom: rpf, pairing: matthew/ofc, pairing: shemar/matthew, pairing: taylor/ofc, rating: pg-13
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