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Title: Dreams
Author: berryblue_girl
Rating: PG for a teeny tiny swear word
Summary: They both have nightmares but what about the good dreams?
Disclaimer: I don't own them and that stinks.
Author's Note: Inspired by prompts from the Lover's Table on my masterlist, the table borrowed from the comm
[info]lover100 . This is a part of [info]gothabilly13 's list of prompts and birthday ficlet package. Happy birthday, dollface, and enjoy!


"Don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro! I'm not your babe, I'm not your babe, Fernando! Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna touch! Just smoke my cigarette and hurt! Don't call my name, don't call my name, Roberto!"

"Remy, turn that shit off!" Logan growled as the loud clock radio woke them up for the day. Remy lifted his head from under his pillows and reached for his radio, his hand fumbling along the top until he found the alarm switch. He felt the bed shift as Logan got out of the bed. Remy rolled onto his back and arched his back off the bed, yawning loudly. Logan turned on the light to the bathroom without bothering to shut the door, and Remy groaned and moved his hand to cover his eyes.

"Damn, Logan!" he whined, moving his long legs to kick the thick layer of blankets and sheets of him. "Close da door, you're blindin' me!"

"That's for makin' me wake up to that Lady Doo-Da," Logan grumbled as he peed.

"Lady Gaga!" Remy corrected.

Remy stood and stumbled into the bathroom, taking his own turn to pee as Logan took off his boxers and climbed into the shower. By the time that he had finished and was washing his hands, the mirror was already misting over with steam. Remy yawned, "Lord, cher, I don' know how you can stand dat water being so hot!"

He left the bathroom without waiting for a reply. He walked to the end of their bed and grabbed his house robe, shrugging it on as he slipped his feet into his Oogie Boogie house shoes. He rolled his neck and scrubbed his eyes with the palm of his hand as he ambled out of the bedroom and down the hallway. He turned on the lights to the living room and the kitchen, grunting as his eyes still struggled to adjust. Once in the kitchen, he turned on the little radio that was next the the coffee maker. Bob and Tom's Radio Show was just getting into full swing if their laughter was any clear indication. Remy got the coffee pot and filled it with water. After he poured the water into the right place and filled the filter with the coffee, he started it off and began gathering things for Logan's breakfast and lunch. Logan's lunch cooler was already out on the counter next to the refrigrator. Holding the door open, he grabbed two Dr. Peppers, two mixed fruit cups, and leftovers from last night's dinner: garlic bread, lasagna, and corn. He packed it all neatly in the cooler with a little Ziplock bag on top, holding a knife, a spoon, and a fork.

Remy then opened the dish washer and pulled Logan's thermus out, setting it near the coffee maker. Yawning, he pulled his messy hair back and covered it with a bandana he always kept in the drawer with the over mits. By the time that Logan had emerged from their bedroom, completely ready for work, Remy had two plates ready, complete with toast, omelets, bacon and sausage links. His thermus was full of coffee for his drive to work, and another pot was just finishing up. As Remy loaded the dirty dishes into the dish washer, Logan came up behind him and kissed his neck, murmuring, "Thank you, darlin'. You take such good care of me."

Remy closed the door to the washer and turned, burying his nose in Logan's neck and breathing in that freshly showered scent. He mumbled, "It's no trouble a'tall, cher. You out dere, working in da elements. I just want to make sure you're well fed."

Logan took their plates to the table in their small dining area while Remy poured them cups of coffee. He left Logan's black while Remy fixed his with creamer and extra sugar. He padded over to the table and handed Logan his cup. Remy sat down and they began eating. As the coffee hit his system, his brain started to wake up. He swallowed a mouthful of bacon and omelet and said, "Man, I had a really nice dream last night."

"Oh yeah?" Logan said, taking a sip of his coffe. "What about?"

"Well, dat movie we watched before bed, A Love Song for Bobby Long," Remy explained, "it got me remembering dos carefree days growin' up after Jean-Luc adopted me. Runnin' t'rough the sprinklers wit' Herni, cookin' in da kitchen wit' Mattie, watching Bruce Lee movies with Jean-Luc. I dreamed of dos memories, it was like watchin' ole home movies, you know?"

"It's good to hear," Logan replied with a small smile. "I don't like it when you have nightmares."

Remy shrugged and took a bite of sausage. Chewing, he asked, "What do you dream about, cher? What are your feel-good dreams about?"

Remy grinned when he saw the tips of Logan's ears turn pink, which always told Remy that he was embarrassed. Teasing, he giggled, "Come on, cher! You can tell me if you have fluffy dreams, I promise I won't tease you...much."

"I dream of you," Logan answered gruffly, his ears now bright red. Remy had to bit his bottom lip to keep his "awww" from rushing out. Logan fidgeted with his fork and continued, "I guess you could say mine are like home movies, too. I dream of how we met, our first date and other things...I never thought I'd meet someone like you. You've made me so happy that, really, you're the only thing worth dreaming about."

Remy bowed his head to hide the tears that had gathered in his eyes. But he felt a calloused finger lift his chin and Logan chided, " don't have to hide anything from me, darlin'."

Remy smiled, which caused a tear to tumble down his cheek. He cleared his throat and said, "No one's ever talked about dis ole Cajun like dat before. But I'm glad I'm da star of your dreams. It's da same way for me."

The rest of the meal was spent chatting about their various activities for the day and feeding each other bites of breakfast. When they finished, Remy took a moment to load the dishes into the washer before following Logan to the door. They shared a short kiss and Logan said, "I'll see you tonight. I love you."

"I love you, too," Remy mumbled, staying at the door and watching Logan climb into his truck and pull out of the driveway. He honked the horn twice and Remy grinned, waving before heading back inside.

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Tags: category: slash, fandom: x-men, fanfiction, pairing: logan/remy, rating: pg
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