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I'm workin' in the rain...!

Argh, okay, so we had some evil, wicked, bad, nasty weather tonight...and I had to bloody well work in it!  I got to work and the sky kept getting progressively darker and darker.  By 6 or 6:30, the sky is lighting back up with cracks of lightning  and rolls of thunder.  Then, in the middle of a cart run, it starts to pour.  I'm like, "Crap!"  So I finish collecting buggies and roll them in.  Then I went inside and got this giant, blue rain suit.  Here's a picture of said suit:

My sister took the picture.  She came outside, just getting off work, saw me, and laughed, "Ha!  You look like a big blueberry!"  I trudged around in the blueberry suit until about eight o'clock when it finally stopped raining.

And during that time, I still worked on getting buggies save and sound to their buggie bay home!

And of course, because it was super slow by the end of my shift, I was able to goof around and take these pictures for your viewing pleasure!  I hope you enjoyed them!

Peace, Love, and Happiness to You...Sarah aka Blueberry Pimpette

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