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Son of a Beast 2/2

Title: Son of a Beast
Author: berryblue_girl 
Rating: G
Genre/Warnings: AU, Crossover
Summary: Spencer travels to NYC to meet his father.
Disclaimer: I don't own either fandom, I'm just playing with the characters.
Author's Note: This is an entry for the crossover contest over at crimeland . The two fandoms are Criminal Minds and Beauty and the Beast, the tv show. I hope y'all like this part as much as part one!  Reviews are loved and cherished!

Previous: Part One

Spencer received a reply at the end of July. His father was overjoyed to finally hear from him. He agreed to Spencer coming up and gave him a number where Spencer could contact him. Preparations for the trip began immediately, starting with an email to one of his friends in New York, Penelope Garcia.





Subject: A Favor



Hey, I'm making a trip up to NYC, and I need a place to stay. Would you and JJ mind a guest?








Subject: Re: A Favor



OMG! You finally logged onto that E-Harmony account I made for you and are making a yummy rendezvous with a Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome! Of course you can crash here (and by crash, I mean drop your things here since you will be making mad whoopie with a golden sex god!)








Subject: Re: re: A Favor






Penelope Garcia, I am going to throttle you within an inch of your life! I told you to cancel that account! I do not need a dating site to find a boyfriend!



And for your information, I am not meeting some random stranger for equally random sex! I would tell you why I'm coming, but I am too enraged with you at the present moment!








Subject: Re: re: re: A Favor



You are so repressed! Need I remind you, your last and only relationship was with that cretin Ethan, and that ended over a year ago! You are prime real estate, and you need to get yourself out there. Get your head out of those dusty books for a change!




JJ picked him up from the airport. He distracted himself from his nerves by complaining to her about Penelope and the E-Harmony account. She laughed, “It's Penelope! You know better than to tell her not to do something.”


I know,” he said with a world-weary sigh. “I just don't understand her fascination with my love life.”


Don't you mean lack thereof?” JJ snickered.


He glared at her and turned on the radio. By the time they arrived at the apartment, Penelope had the coffee table covered with Chinese take-out. The apartment was a clash of two personalities: JJ's calm and earthy tones and Penelope's wild and neon colors. She squealed when Spencer walked through the door and stampeded over to pull him into one of her squeeze-the-air-from-your-lungs hugs. If Spencer had to describe his two friends in terms of weather conditions, JJ was a beautiful spring afternoon while Penelope was a F5 hurricane.


You're here! You're here! You're finally here!” she cried in excitement, threatening to burst his eardrums.


I won't be for much longer,” Spencer struggled to say, “if you continue to crush my ribcage!”


She let him go and he was able to take a deep breath again. He was ushered onto the oh-so comfortable couch while Penelope fixed him a heaping plate of take-out, all the while chattering about the latest. She had broken up with Devon a “rat-faced jerk with a tiny penis” and was now dating a guy from one of her classes, Kevin.


Although,” she said with a wicked smirk, “I have a huge crush on one of my professors, Aaron Hotchner.”


Spencer rolled his eyes as he took the plate. “Ah, Penelope, always wanting what you can't have.”


Penelope waved her hand in a dismissive manner. As JJ fixed herself a plate, she told him about her new relationship with a raven-haired beauty named Emily. He smiled when she told of their first meeting, a mix up of their coffee orders at Starbucks.


We've been dating for a little over a month now,” she finished with a small smile.


Congrats, JJ. That sounds wonderful.”


Penelope cleared her throat at that moment, and JJ nodded. Spencer frowned when she said, “You know, Spence, Emily has a friend named Derek. We've met him, and he's really cool. We think-”


I know what you two think,” Spencer interrupted, pointing his fork at each of them, “and the answer is no! Contrary to popular belief, I do not need a boyfriend to make me happy.”


Penelope and JJ spent the next hour arguing that he did. Penelope was the more adamant of the two. She told him that just because Ethan was a bastard didn't mean that others, like Derek, were. Spencer listened to their arguments with a mixture of bemusement and irritation. As it grew darker outside, Spencer excused himself to go to the bathroom. Once he locked the door, he dialed the number and pressed SEND before he let his nerves get the better of him. It took two rings before a deep voice answered, “Spencer?”


He gasped and his vision grew blurry in a second. He sniffed and swallowed past the lump in his throat, saying, “Y-yeah, it's me, D-dad. It's Spencer.”


He heard similar sniffs on the other end as his father rumbled, “It's so wonderful to finally hear your voice, son. How was your trip?”


It was uneventful,” he said, his face splitting into a grin. A tear tumbled down his cheek, and he felt a wave of giddiness at being able to talk of such mundane matter with his father.


Good,” his father replied. “That's good. So, this is the plan. We will meet in front of the Museum of Natural History an hour after closing. I'll take us to my home from there.”


Okay, sounds perfect,” Spencer smiled. “I'll see you then.”


With much reluctance, he hung up his phone. He unlocked the door and snorted when he heard two sets of footfalls trying to quietly but swiftly move back to the living room. He gave them a moment before he exited the bathroom. The two blonds sat in their previous spots and tried their best to look as though they hadn't been eavesdropping. He folded his arms across his chest and pretended to be annoyed as he asked, “Does the word “privacy” mean anything to you two?”


You found your father!” Penelope cried, quickly causing his angry face to disappear. He rushed back to his spot on the couch and told them the story thus far. Penelope responded with her usual unbridled enthusiasm, and JJ wiped away a small tear as he reached the end of his story. When it got closer for him to leave, he went to JJ's room to change his clothes and freshen up. The girls provided him with a taser and pepper spray. The taser was built into the handle of a flash light, which would provide him with a reading light. He tucked the items of protection into the pockets of his slacks. JJ called him a cab and gave him the key to their apartment, both women promising to wait up for him.


His cab driver was an older man, who didn't say a word to him during the drive, intent instead on screaming at his wife via his Bluetooth. The only time he paused in his conversation was to snap the price to Spencer. He quickly paid the man and was relieved to get out of the overheated car and into the cool night air. He sat down on a bench and pulled the flashlight taser from his pocket. He had brought along one of his father's presents, Wuthering Heights. He was quickly swept up in the tragic romance of Heathcliff and Catherine, so much so that he started violently when someone placed their hand on his shoulder. He scrambled away from the stranger, who insisted, “Whoa, whoa, calm down! I didn't mean to scare you!”


You scared the hell out of me!” Spencer snapped, scooting down the bench. “You shouldn't just sneak up on people!”


His temper rose further when the stranger sat down on the bench, chuckling softly. He sat back and folded his arms across his chest. He looked at Spencer and said, “Penelope was are cute when you're angry.”


Spencer's eyes narrowed and he considered calling her up to give her an earful. He took a deep breath and said shortly, “You must be Derek, then. I swear, Penelope is far too meddlesome for her own good!”


She was just worried for your safety,” Derek persuaded. “She was right to be, you look like a high school student out past his curfew.”


Spencer snapped his book shut and tucked his flashlight taser back in his pocket, insisting, “I am nineteen, soon to turn twenty in September! If you want to win my affections, insulting me is not the route I would suggest.”


So you want me to try?” Derek asked, giving him a grin that did wicked things to his stomach.


His cheeks grew hot and he was thankful that it was nighttime. He clutched his book closer and looked around in the shadows for his father. Derek continued, “Penelope tells me you go to Princeton. That's not too far away.”


54.21 miles,” Spencer supplied. “An hour and eleven minutes in traffic.”


Thank you, Mapquest,” Derek teased.


Spencer fought the urge to smile, the man's easy charm working on him. Then, across the street, he spotted a tall figure standing underneath a tree. He straightened up, his heart racing. The figure waved at him and called out, “Spencer!”


He grinned and stood quickly. Before he rushed across the street, he turned to Derek and said, “Thank you for waiting with me. It was a pleasure to meet you.”


He looked either way before crossing the street. His father was dressed in what appeared to be a cloak, the hood pulled up to hide his face. Spencer grinned and said breathlessly, “At last we meet!”


Yes, at last,” his father agreed. He motioned a large arm forward, and they began to head into Central Park. Spencer marveled at how large the man was. He was easily a head taller than Spencer and seemed very well-built. And yet he walked with a kind of gentle grace. His father led him under one of the bridges in the park, where there was a large gated drainage pipe. He produced an old key from his cloak and used it to unlock the gate. Spencer entered first, his father locking up behind them. While Spencer had no trouble, the larger man had to stoop just slightly. After a while, the pipe began to widen, and in the faint light, Spencer noted spiral designs in the brick laying. Then they reached another gate where the key was needed once more. That doorway led to a cavern-like opening that was full of huts and buzzed with the soft sounds of late night activity. His father led them through the different homes and up a small path.


At the top of the path was a large wooden door. His father opened it and stepped aside, extending his arm inside and saying, “Welcome to my home, son.”


Spencer smiled at the endearment and entered. His eyes widened when he took in the large room. Books were stacked everywhere: on bookcases, on different pieces of furniture. He saw stairs that led to a small doorway and guessed that it might lead to a bedroom of some kind. The room was lit from a chandelier from above and in the center of the room, there was a table with two sturdy chairs. Spencer was in awe of the room while his father shuffled behind him.


What do you think?” he asked.


It's incredible!” Spencer replied with a grin. “I can see how you were able to give me those first editions. Your own private library, how amazing!”


He turned to face him and saw that his father still had his hood on. Spencer licked his lips and asked, “Can I see what's under the hood? I'd like to know what all the secrecy was about.”


He nodded and reached up to pull the hood back. Spencer's eyes widened as he took in his father's face. He looked like a lion, and his “mane” was a golden color with streaks of gray. He smiled a little and took a step forward, reaching out with one of his hands. He felt along the cheekbone and down the jaw. His smile grew wider and he mumbled, “It's not so bad. You look like the lion from the Wizard of Oz.”


His father let out a rumbling laugh that sounded like a roll of thunder and tugged him into a warm hug. Spencer wrapped his arms around him and buried his face in the cloak. Tears flooded his eyes and he let out a great sob. He felt his father rub his back and his voice vibrated in his chest. It felt so strange. He had just met this man, but he had never felt safer than he did at that moment. After a few minutes of Spencer crying, he finally calmed himself down. He scrubbed at his face and muttered, “Sorry, just got a rush of emotions there.”


A furry hand lifted his chin and Spencer saw tear tracks on his father's face as well. The man smiled and said, “Don't be embarrassed, Spencer.”


He motioned toward the table and they sat down. Spencer didn't know how long they sat there talking. His father told him of how he and his mother met and fell in love. Spencer was introduced to a different side of her. Emotions grew high once again when his father described his mother announcing her pregnancy and their daydreams of raising Spencer.


Spencer, in turn, talked about school and his friends. He talked about his studies and Penelope's crazy schemes concerning his love life. He gave a brief description of his relationship with Ethan, the hurt still there after a year.


Don't close yourself off to love, son,” the older man advised. “Even though it may hurt when your heart gets broken, the next person you meet could be the one that puts it back together.”


Spencer nodded. Then a yawn pushed its way past his lips. His father chuckled. “Perhaps I should lead you back to the Museum. We could meet again tomorrow after you've gotten some rest.”


Or maybe I could just stay here?” Spencer asked timidly, not ready to leave yet. “I told my friends where I am, so I'm sure they won't be too surprised if I don't come back.”


His father grinned and they stood, heading up the stairs. The bedroom was filled with books, furniture, and a great assortment of nicknacks. A large bed took up a majority of the space, a lamp of either of it. Spencer toed out of his shoes and pulled back the layers of blankets. He laid down and let out a murmur of approval. As he moved to tug the blankets back over him, his father beat him to the punch, tucking them snugly under his chin. Spencer smiled and teased, “Making up for lost time?”




He turned off the lamps but left one of the smaller ones hanging on the walls on at Spencer's request. As he drifted off to sleep, he felt a hand brush back hair from his forehead and a murmured, “I love you, son.”


A/N- That's all, folks! I hope y'all enjoyed this! Thank you for all the reviews for the first part! And thank you for reading the second part!

Tags: category: gen, character: derek morgan, character: jennifer jareau, character: penelope garcia, character: spencer reid, character: vincent, fandom: beauty and the beast, fandom: criminal minds, fanfiction, rating: g
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