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I might actually watch the next season...

Apparently JJ and Emily are in and the JJ clone is out.  I got a total chuckle when I found this on the Rachel Nichols imdb page:

XD XD XD...I'm sorry.  I haven't even watched the sixth season and I hate this character.  Nothing against Rachel, but her character was a poorly-placed bandaid on the AJ and Paget being cut wound.  The majority of the fanbase hates this character.  So give her an exit and let's get back to business.  And it was funny that this chick on the message board was so indignant in her threads and everyone who responded was like, "Ding dong, the witch is gone!"

Sorry, Rachel, hope the Conan movie goes better for ya.

We might tough it out another week in Furniture Hell so that we can go to......(inserts drum roll)......


I am crossing all my fingers and toes that this works out because I want to go there so bad I can taste it!  I swear, Mandy, I am gonna make it there if it kills me! *insane chuckle*

'Cause really...our choices are Little Rock or Washington D freakin' C!

I've been to Little Rock...but I'm never been to our nation's captial!!!!  (Can ya tell I'm enthused about this?)  Byran says he should know something soon.  God, I hope this works out.  I want to go there so bad, I can taste it!  And I will tough out another week in Furniture Hell if that means I can go there!

I'll keep everyone posted...(yea, the whole two people who read vain am I, for real???)

Peace, Love, and Happiness to You...Sarah

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