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Oh, Why Me?

Okay, so I'm sure I've told y'all I got a job immediately coming up  here working in a used bookstore.  It is a pretty cool place, and I was having fun going to work.

Then the totally uptight manager Nicole starts riding my ass for the stupidest shit  gives me two of the dumbest write-ups ever.  The first was refering to customers as "man" or "woman" instead of "gentleman" or "lady" when sending them to book peoples.  The second was for pricing a box of CDs marked for a manager.  I didn't even price them wrong, I just priced them when Nicole was supposed to.  So then Nicole pulls me aside and says I'm on probation and I can't get anymore warnings for two weeks or further action will taken.


I've never had this happen before.  Only at the Behind the Mall movie theater in Hot Springs did the owner ride my ass hard.  But even there, I didn't get write ups.  I am a good fucking employee, that shit just doesn't happen.  So I was on tiptoes around this bitch to try and keep from possibly not having a job.  A week goes by, and she calls me on some more bullshit!  Apparently I left after closing too quickly instead of waiting for her.  She gave me some crap about it being a security measure (yeah, whatever, bitch).  So she says she will think it over and decide whether to keep me there or transfer me to our warehouse.


I got transfered to the warehouse (big surprise) and she said they would contact yesterday with my schedule. call.  I called them and left a message for the lady I was supposed to contact.  My bestie Mandy told me to call again, but earlier, since sometimes warehouse people cut out early. 


I did and Stacy tells me that they don't have positions open right now, and didn't Nicole tell me that, but that they would call me when they did.


So here's what I'm thinking.  Nicole lied to me to get rid of me.  Well, congrats on a job well done.  Only problem is now I'm, for all intents and purposes, employed...again.


I want to strangle this bitch.  When I talked to her, she said that they had a position for me, that it would be part time but could possibly develop into a full time gig.  Sat there and lied to my face.  I could try and believe that perhaps she misheard Stacy but I don't think so.  I am so fucking furious right now.  I need to renew my ID (I know, fail on me for letting it exspire) and get a new job.  That's all there is to it.  I don't want to work for a place that treats its employees like that and lets uptight cunts (pardon my French) to run stores. 


I just can't believe this.  Mandy said she would talk to Nicole and see what's what.  I'm just going to work on my immediate problem: renewing my ID.


So yeah, that's how I've been.  I'll give another less angry update later, I just needed to vent.


Peace, Love and Happiness to You...Sarah

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