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Title: Stormy
Author: berryblue_girl
Rating: G
Genre/Warnings: Angst but with a happy ending
Summary: When Grace's cat ran away, Danny never expected Steve to cry. The massive manhunt, yes. But tears? Not so much.
Disclaimer: I don't the series. *sadface*
Author's Notes: I saw this prompt on comment_ficand it gripped me tight and wouldn't let go. I hope everyone enjoys this, and don't worry, there is a happy ending!


Stormy had been Steve's birthday present to Grace. She had been asking for a cat for ages, but at the time, Danny was in between homes and Rachel hated cats. But then Steve and Danny finally stopped dancing around each other and started dating, giving Danny a place to stay and taking away his excuse not to get Grace a cat. So he was touched when Steve asked Danny if he could get Grace the cat. He gave Danny a very thorough explanation as to why, to the point where he thought Steve was going to pull out a Power Point presentation. He laughed after Steve finished and gave him the go-ahead.

Danny let the two of them to go the shelter without him, so they could bond without Steve using Danny as a buffer. Two hours later, they came home with three shopping bags from Pet Smart and one tiny pet carrier. Stormy, Grace explained, was eleven weeks old and was abandoned on the side of the road with the rest of her brothers and sister. She was the only one left from the litter. She was grey with golden yellow eyes. Grace let her out of the carrier, and she climbed on a nearby bookshelf and curled up on the dusty tops. It warmed Danny's heart to see Steve and Grace getting along so well, debating where to put the food and water bowls and where the litter box would cause the least mess. Danny dug through the shopping bags and found a little fishing pole toy. On the end of the string, a little green mouse and tiny bell dangled. He tried to tempt the frightened kitten with it. She stared at him with an expression that said, “Are you crazy? Who the heck are you?” She played with Grace and Steve more willingly and later, let Danny pet her for a moment before running off.

Rachel allowed Grace to come over every weekend and Wednesdays, Grace begging her and saying that she was a new mommy and she had to be there for her baby. When Grace was there, Stormy trailed after her so much that Danny wondered if Steve got her some sort of hybrid puppy/kitten mix. It was amusing to see Grace call out when she first arrived at the house and watch Stormy tumble down the stairs and leap into Grace's eager arms. But what was more amusing to Danny was Stormy's behavior when Grace wasn't there. The kitten acted the same around Steve as she did Grace. She would get up with Steve in the mornings, so much so that she would sit outside the bathroom door when he showered and meow until he let her inside. Danny never would have pegged Steve as a cat person, but this fuzzy little cat would reduce his mighty Super SEAL into baby-talking goo.

Then one weekend, Steve went out for his morning swim then left to run errands. Danny and Grace got up later and began puttering around the kitchen in search of food. Grace called out for Stormy, but the kitten didn't come. By the time Steve got back, Grace was panicked and near tears. They found the sliding door cracked open just enough for the kitten to slip through, causing Steve to apologize profusely. They searched for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, with no luck. Grace cried herself to sleep, and Steve sat outside, still calling out for their lost pet. The morning came, but with no Stormy. Steve and Danny took Grace home, Steve promising not to stop searching.

On Monday morning, Steve took his truck and wasn't at work when Danny got there. An hour later, he arrived with a thick stack of fliers with the missing kitten's picture and their contact information. Rachel allowed Steve to pick Grace up after school, and the two of them drove around the neighborhood and posted the fliers. Danny aided in the search efforts by going to the neighbor's houses and asking if they had seen the kitten. No one had, and Danny gave them a flier, telling them to contact them anytime if they found her.

By the next weekend, they had gotten a few prank phone calls, which caused Danny to have to calm Steve down enough that he wouldn't try and track the little bastards down and throw them in jail. Thursday night, Steve went out to search again, and Danny ordered a ham and pineapple pizza for his frazzled boyfriend and made sure there was a two six-packs of Longboards in the frig. When Steve got home, Danny could tell that he hadn't found Stormy. He moved silently throughout the house, kicking off his boots and collapsing on the couch. When Danny moved his side, he was more than surprised when he saw tears running down Steve's face.

“Babe?” Danny asked timidly.

“This is all my fault,” Steve sniffed, looking at Danny. “I should have made sure the door was closed all the way.”

“Oh, Steve,” Danny soothed, pulling the distraught man into his arms.

“Gracie won't forgive me for this,” Steve continued, his voice cracking. “I have to find Stormy! I promised to take care of her!”

“Hey, Gracie could never hate you,” Danny insisted. He rubbed Steve's back and buried his nose in the dark hair, murmuring, “She might be upset, but she could never hate you. She knows you love Stormy just as much as she does.”

Steve snorted and said, “Yeah, alert the media. The mighty Steve McGarrett's weakness is a furball named Stormy. My guys in the SEALs would never let me live it down.”

“Hey,” Danny cut in, tapping Steve on the back of the head, “loving something doesn't make you weak, you dope. It makes you human. This is comforting, actually, helps me know you aren't a demigod or something.”

He felt victorious when Steve chuckled. They sat there for a few minutes until Steve's stomach made its presence known. Danny moved to grab one of the six-packs while Steve continued to tease him about how he was slowly becoming Hawaiian, as evident by the fact that he ordered the ham and pineapple pizza.

“Never!” Danny insisted. “I am all New Jersey!”

The next day, they picked Grace up from school, and Danny drove home while they planned places to check for Stormy that weekend. Danny frowned when he saw an unfamiliar blue car parked in front of their house. He and Steve exchanged glances before climbing out as a woman climbed out of the car. The two men put on their cop faces, and Steve asked, “Can I help you, ma'am?”

“I believe so,” she replied, opening the backseat of her car. Danny's heart flooded with happiness and relief when he saw Stormy fighting the woman's gentle grip. By then, Grace had climbed out the Camaro, and she exclaimed, “Stormy!”

She ran over the woman, Danny and Steve hot on her heels. Grace took the frightened animal into her arms, crying into her fur and scolding her for “scaring your mommy like that”. Steve led the two of them inside, and Danny hugged the woman, saying, “You have no idea how happy you have made my daughter. Where did you find her?”

The woman swiped the stray tear from her face and replied, “I'm selling a house a few doors down. I came in today to get ready for an open house and found a couple piles of poop on the living room carpet. It took me a couple hours and a can of tuna until I could tempt her to come out. I recognized her from the fliers around the neighborhood and kept her in my bathroom at my office until I was sure you would be home.”

“Please,” Danny insisted, pulling his wallet out, “let me pay you the reward. At least that way, you can clean whatever-”

The woman waved her hands. “That isn't necessary. Seeing your daughter's reaction was more rewarding than any amount of money. I'm just happy I was able to restore that little one to her family.”

Danny thanked her again before heading back inside. He found the trio in the living room, Stormy devouring a can of Fancy Feast. She even let Danny pet her and he grumbled, “Gave us quite the scare, little bit. Let's not do that again, capisce?”

Danny took care of ordering dinner, everyone in the mood for Chinese. They piled up in the living room and ordered a couple movies off of Netflix. Stormy curled up on Grace's stomach and fell asleep, Grace resting her head on Steve's lap. During the jellyfish scene in Finding Nemo, Danny snuck a picture of them before sending it to several people in his contacts. He tucked his phone away just in time to look at Steve again. Their eyes met and Steve gave him a huge grin then stuffed some lo mien into his mouth.

A/N- Reviews are loved like Steve loves Stormy!  Thank you for reading!

Tags: category: slash, character: grace williams, fandom: hawaii five-0, fanfiction, pairing: steve/danny, prompt: comment_fic, rating: g
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